DLR Prerna Conducts Teachers Training Program on Child Mental Health in Pokhriabong

Evergreen English School - Child Health Program

A 3-day teachers training program on Child Mental Health was organized at Evergreen School, Pokhriabong. The training was conducted by DLR Prerna, an NGO based in Darjeeling and coordinated by the hosts EVERGREEN ENGLISH SCHOOL. It witnessed the participation of around 40 teachers from more than 12 different Private Schools from in and around Pokhriabong –Nagari area. The training program commenced on 27th and concluded on 29th April, 2017.

The said programme was broadly classified into two phases. The 1st phase was dedicated to Child Mental Health and the 2nd phase dealt with Child Rights.

First Phase: Child Mental Health

The first two days were dedicated to child mental health. Here participant teachers were trained about Child’s Behaviour and its functions, trigger, pattern, and activity and the appropriate ways to deal with the same to bring positive change in children. Teachers were informed about the importance of Communication with children, families, colleagues, and ways of doing that.

Second Phase: Child Rights

Last Day was dedicated about Child Rights and their protection. 

“This training is very first of its kind in our valley (Pokhriabong-Nagari) and  I do hope it will have a positive impact on our teachers and by extension, our students. It should enhance our understanding of child psychology and behavior which will enable us to work better for the students. I am very thankful to volunteers of DRL-Prerna, Miss Arpana, Miss Priscila and Miss  Surekha for all the efforts they have put here”, said the Principal of Evergreen English School.  “This is just the first phase and for just 3 days. Another phase of training, which will be for 10 days will be conducted during winter break. I do hope all the teachers and Schools will grab the opportunity” he added.

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