Tiger Hill, Darjeeling – On the Rocky Road to Snow

Tiger Hill, DarjeelingDarjeeling Snow: Its a sea of white

Tiger Hill: “The winter is coming,” almost everyone talked about it, what no one talked about was how fun it would be in Darjeeling.
So today, two of our braves Pankaj Niraula and Premendra M Pradhan walked up to Tiger Hill, to show you how things are up there.
Tiger Hill Darjeeling lies in the heart of Sinchel Wildlife Sanctuary, and is one of the holiest sites in all of the Eastern Himalayas.The main attraction of the video, happens to be a tour of the Sinchel ko Singha Devi Sthaan, which is home to the guardian deity of our beloved hills.
We hope you all will enjoy this video and share it around, to help us spread the joy.
The winter has come, and thank you, we are absolutely enjoying it

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