DISCRIMINATORY – No Admission for Outsiders in Sikkim Colleges?

Sikkim Govt notification leaves thousands non-Sikkimies in a lurch
The discriminatroy Government of Sikkim notification for college admissions this year, has left candidates aspiring to study in colleges in Sikkim in a lurch. The order which is highly contentious, specifically requires all college seats to be reserved for students from Sikkim, leaving no room for anyone else to apply.
Section 6 of the notification reads,
Category wise Reservation on Intake Capacity:
a. The 85% of the Intake Capacity of all the Government Colleges will be reserved for Certificate of Identification or Sikkim Subject Holders.
b. 10% of the Intake Capacity will be allotted to Residential Certificate Holders. Only the certificates issued in pursuance of Home Department Notification No: 23/Home/2015 dated 15/05/2015 will be considered valid.
c. 5% intake capacity will be allotted to wards of Regular State Government Employees (Non-Local); Central Government Employees, Army Personal, CPMF transferred or working in Sikkim at the time of admission of their wards, belonging to outside the state.
d. 3% of the total Intake Capacity of each programme of all the Colleges will be reserved for the Differently Able student for allotment of seats on the basis of merit list generated.
Note: If the seats in any of the category remain vacant it would be accordingly cratered to Certificate of Identification, Sikkim Subject and Residential Certificate Holder. Further, if the seats are still vacant it would then be considered to Regular State Government Employees (Non-Local); Central Government Employees, Army Personal, CPMF transferred or working in Sikkim at the time of admission”
This leaves a large section of those who have been living in Sikkim since their birth barred against applying for admission.
Earlier today, our partner organization Voice of Sikkim had highlighted this case…
This is to bring to the notice of common public and the students who do not have CoI or RC certificate or students whose parents are not in government service .The HRDD recently gave criteria eligibility for admission to colleges of Sikkim.
There is only reservation for CoI , RC and Government servant students
That leaves us few general students who do not have any such certificate. My father is from west bengal and he is a driver working in private company for more than 25 years . He has voter card of Sikkim and my mother also has voter card. We have nothing in West Bengal.
We stayed in Sikkim from the day we were born and we were studying in government school. We are thankful to get this education from Sikkim Government. Now that we are about to go to college there is discrimination in our admission.
We request the HRDD , Sikkim Government and Hon.Chief Minister Pawan Chamling. In other stated they do not do such dicrimination. This is not justice to poor but deserving students .
What would happen if Colleges in Delhi or Bombay or kolkata do not admit Sikkim students or even other great university.
I am sure this will be rectified and there will be some changes made to help us get the admission if we deserve on merit basis , especially for students who have lived here, studied here and have other certificates from Sikkim.”

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