BACK TO THE FUTURE: Promotional email from a Hotel in Tigerhill, Darjeeling

The Future of Proposed Tourism Hub in Tiger Hill

Dear Customer,
Greetings from Hotel Window View, Tigerhill where you get to see the Sunrise from your windows, and the Darjeeling Tea brews with your most ideal vacation!! Thank you for connecting with us and we look forward to host you soon at the Hotel.
The Sinchel Mountain Retreats group that owns this entire mountains takes its name from the historic Sinchel Dhaam, home to the local deity of the primitive Gorkha people who lived in Darjeeling at one time. We take pride in the fact that the Sinchel Resort headquarters stands exactly where the temple used to be before it was demolished to bring you the best mountain experience, accompanied by the view of the sunrise right from your windows.
As per historical records, the famous Gorkhas once dwelled in Darjeeling, and they abandoned the Hills in search for warmer places in the plains where they could earn more money and spend less on their winter jackets. As their savings went up, so did their greed, until they sold off the Hills to usher Development and Progress. The sacrifice of the Gorkhas today has allowed us to build the famous Tiger Hill Watch Tower, Mahakal Village Resort, Ambotia Ecotourism Hub, Giddey Village Resorts, Durpin Valley View and the newly constructed Hotel Window View – thanks to our very hard working team at the Sinchel Mountain Retreats. We sincerely hope you stay at all our places and relive the experience of the historical Gorkha people.
We are pleased to offer a very special package for YOU:
· Honeymoon package at Sinchel and Mahakal Resorts with couple-sharing options.
· Picnic and Barbeque at the famous Sinchel Site, evening high tea and dinner at Mahakal site
· You are most welcome to bring liquor of your choice if you wish.
· Bonfire at Tiger Hills Resort.
· Tea-tasting and sight-seeing to Gorkha settlement areas
· Pickup and drop from the Airport
· A Gorkha by your side for your service to help you enjoy Gorkha loyalty, service, and honesty.
Best Regards,
Tourism Gorkha Sanctuary

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