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Indian National Football Team

It really makes me feel sad when I see only few supporting our own Indian national football team. Whenever there is a match of  any other nations –  England, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Portugal etc we see our Facebook  feed all painted  with the colours of these foreign nation flags, but when our own home team is playing we are busy waiting for Manchester  to play against  City.

We are rather, busy discussing about the last match of English Premier League, than analyze the potentials of our own team

Why is this so??

Does India play so bad that they aren’t worth supporting??


Are we so influenced by Messi and Ronaldo that Chhetri and Thapa don’t come in our count list???

I know that our level of playing doesn’t match with other big name international teams, but we are trying and improving.

Support them, encourage them, criticize them… Whatever you do, but can we please make them our first priority?

Currently India are playing at the Asian Games, and for he first time in the past 55-years, we have a very good chance of qualifying for the next round. In Group-A, we are currently in the second position, and all we need is a draw against Bahrain, or for UAE to win their match against Thailand. This is a sign of our resurgence. With proper support, money will flow into the game, and just like how we are dominating Cricket, we have every chance to dominate in Football too.

Remember, when other countries like Brazil, England, Germany, Portugal etc play and win, you only feel happy, but when Team India plays and win, we feel proud and then happy.

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Hope next time when I open my Facebook on the match day when our nation is playing, I will get to see my feed blue as ocean.

[Writes: Subham Thapa Chettri]


India will be playing against Bahrain in the ongoing Asian Cup on the 14th of January, 2019 – Match will begin from 9:30 PM (IST)

Indian National Football Team – plays Bahrain on he 14th, please support our team

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