Linguistic Imperialism Continues Unabated

One of our readers Nitesh Rai writes:

This is to bring into your notice the maternity discharge papers that is being provided by the District Hospital of Darjeeling.

When I saw the paper and turned the page, to my utter disbelief, there seemed to be important information, but everything was written in the Bengali language.

I don’t even know how to read Bengali.

This type of issue is not just hampering me but the people of entire Darjeeling region.

We went for agitation last year against the forceful imposition of Bengali language, and things haven’t changed still, rather they seem to be getting worse.

I am not against Bengali or any other language, but this is not fair. Why are people being deprived of important information in our own language?

Kindly raise this issue if I am not wrong.

If we don’t speak up now, our lack of concern will only reflect in our future, where our language will have been effectively killed.”

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