OPEN LETTER to the Hon’ble West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee by Concerned Youth of Hills


Respected Madam,

We, the CONCERNED YOUTH OF HILLS, would like to draw your attention towards one of the well known yet least cared issues of the hills of Darjeeling and Kalimpong (GTA region) : the problem plaguing the education system in the hills.

We all are well aware about the crucial role a good education system plays in shaping a good society. A well educated individual in any society is an asset who will go on to help in building a society, a state and the nation.

However, the current situation of the hills as to the subject matter is grim and gloomy. Few issues that we would like you to look into includes :

  1. It has been more than two decades since the hills saw any official and formal form of teacher recruitment. The last time the hills had a recruitment agency was in 2000.
  2. Present recruitment of the teachers are being carried out on the basis of the political party affiliation of the candidate.
  3. Most of the candidates so nominated are not even eligible to teach as they lack required educational qualifications like B.Ed. or D.I. Ed., thus clearly violating the norms set by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE ).

All these issues and problems will ultimately have severe repercussions on the quality of education that a child receives. When quality is compromised parents (especially the poor ones) are likely to find it pointless in sending the children to schools reducing enrollment of the children.

This will clearly go against article 21(a) of the Indian constitution which provides for right to free and compulsory education to the children from age 6- 14 years.

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Moreover, at the time when the government is trying to increase the enrollment ratio in schools such situation will act as a drag to the initiative.


Furthermore, article 16(i) of the constitution provides for the right to equal opportunities in employment. But when the education received itself is of poor quality how will right under the article play out is also a serious concern.

Therefore, considering all these issues and its consequences, we would like to place before you a sincere request to kindly look into these matters urgently. We would be more than happy to be included and provide our support in whatever plans and initiatives that you will devise to address these issues.

Thanking you,

Concerned Youth of Hills

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