Prachi Chhetri – Chartered Accountant

Prachi Chhetri

Prachi Chhetri, a Gorkha daughter from Ranchi worked through her college, and yet managed to clear her CA Final exams, this is her story…

Name: Prachi Chhetri
Ama: Rakhi Chhetri
Baba: Pawan Chhetri
School (s): Sacred Heart School Ranchi till 10th; Delhi Public School Ranchi for 12th
College (s): St. Xavier’s College Ranchi

TheDC: What inspired you to want to become a CA?
Prachi: When I was in 9th class, my class teacher was asking all the students what they wanted to become and almost all of my classmates were saying either doctor or engineer. One of my friends told Chartered Accountant and I had no idea about CA at that point in time. My class teacher was impressed by her and she told us about the profession. Then I researched about it and I thought of going for this course.

TheDC: Were your family supportive of your decision?
Prachi: Yes my family was supportive of my decision. They have always been by my side.

TheDC: How did you prepare? What were the hurdles, how did you overcome them?
Prachi: This course demands long hours and I had to study for about 10 to 12 hours during my exam leave of 4 months. There were many hurdles. As I was doing my articleship along with college, I had a very hectic schedule. I had to wake up at 5 am and leave for my college at 6. Then I had my college, office, and tuition back to back and I reached home at 10 pm every day. But I was dedicated and worked very hard and my self-motivation helped me to never give up on my dreams.

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TheDC: Where do you see yourself, five years from today?
Prachi: Five years from today, I would like to see myself as someone who is recognized for a noble cause and is in a position to make an impact on people’s lives and give back to society.

TheDC: What suggestions would you give those who want to follow on your footsteps?
Prachi: I would like to say that I am not an extraordinary girl but an ordinary girl who wanted to do something in her life and worked very hard to achieve that. So my suggestion would be to find your dreams and passion and work hard and don’t stop until you achieve it because success is not a one-day journey. It takes years of hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice. And one more thing find your motivation and that motivation should come from within you because that will help you to keep going when it gets difficult or you begin to lose hope. And if you ask me, the best motivation would be your parents, just think about the sacrifices they make for you and that will inspire you to give back to them all the happiness in the world that they deserve.

We CONGRATULATE Prachi and hope that her success will inspire other youths, especially girls to work towards their goal with determination and hard work.

Take a bow Prachi! You have earned it!!

Prachi Chhetri

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  1. Motivation comes from within.
    Best wishes chhori. Congratulations!

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