Pulbazar Shines in Soccer


I have come across many youths who have talents but will be frustrated and demotivated saying that their talents don’t have a good opportunity and platforms in Hill. I always remind them by narrating that if you have talents, give your full energy in refining your talents as you have the divine power within you. Give your best because once you give your best that is your Success and winning or losing part becomes secondary.

For instance, if you are a poet, use your creative ability, meditative and write a poem that gives satisfaction to your soul and once you write it that is your success; your publication of the poem in an international journal or renowned publication becomes secondary. Another example, if you are a football player; give your best shot in the field, so that you feel complete satisfaction. If the audience really appreciates your performance, you should feel successful. In this case, even if you lose the day’s match, you should move on with full motivation and enthusiasm. The concept is the youth should drive all their energy to nourish their talents. So, rather than being frustrated, give the best shot every time so that you will be self-motivated, and have firm determination to move on.

Here is the story of two young soccer players from Pulbazar, a small beautiful hamlet located at the bank of River Rangit. The duo has set an example and has become a source of inspiration for all soccer player and other talents in our Native Land.

The first story is of a very young talented player Mr Srijal Rai. Srijal is the son of Mr Siriprasad Rai and Mrs Meera Rai and did his schooling from Little Rangit English School, Bijanbari. Srijal was very passionate about football right from his tender age. I have always seen him playing football on the ground with a smile on his face and an ardent passion on his heart. His football stunts always mesmerized everyone. His passion really materialized as he got selected in Reliance Foundation Youth Champs (RFYC) Football Association a few months back. Now, Mr Srijal will be travelling to Spain for his football venture. Wow! Doesn’t that sound great?

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Another story is of 23 years old, young, dynamic player, Mr Manish Subba. Manish is the son of Mr Rajen Subba and Mrs Kumari Subba and did his schooling from Little Rangit English School, Bijanbari and his further studies from Darjeeling Government College. His love for football started at the tender age of five. He is a dedicated player with a calm temperament. He played many matches from different clubs of Darjeeling and Sikkim. He represented North Bengal University in Varanasi in 2018. Recently, he was awarded Man of the Series in Police Public Friendship Club held at Bijanbari. Mr. Manish will be travelling to Germany for a week-long training. Darjeeling Police took the initiative for his training tour. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Aadarsha Yuwa Sangh and Pulbazar Welfare and Conservation Society have felicitated Srijal and Manish for their passion, love and success in football. Undoubtedly, both the players are giving their best and we have faith that they will definitely earn the international repute in the days to come.

Srijal and Manish have set an example for young talents of our Hills. There is no denying in the fact that Our Hills is the storehouse of talents. We just need to introspect, look in the areas where you are lacking and prepare ourselves with full motivation and lead a life that really satisfies our heart and soul. Hope many talents will flourish in coming days and make our Hill proud.

Writes: Prayash Gorkha

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