Binay Tamang

To Quarantine or not to Quarantine – The Anit Binay Conundrum

But, to quarantine or not to, is more of a moral question and not a question of simple enforcement alone. Kolkata is one of the hottest COVID zones in India, so naturally, people should be cautious after travelling to the city. If we are requiring our own brothers and sisters coming from these cities to remain in mandatory quarantine, what exempts Mr. Anit and Mr. Binay? What makes them COVID proof?

Sonada Children’s Lives Are Being Put to Risk

The construction of the school was handed to a group of boys from the locality. These boys are affiliated to GJMM (Binay faction). Their motive is just to earn profit. The old structure was dismantled but the cemented flooring of the old building was not touched. New pillars were erected but if you dig the floor you will not find any tie bim below.

Gorkha Dream in Limbo: From Ghising to Modi – What Next?

“यो दार्जीलिंग पहाड़, सबैको आँखाबाट ओझेल भएको पहाड़; सबैले हेला गरेको पहाड़; दिल्लीले हेला गरेको पहाड़! हुन त देवी-देउताले बास गरेको हो यो पहाड़मा ,…