My space over a cup of Tea

When looked at it from a sociological perspective, even a simple cup of tea helps build a web of social relationships, which eventually helps to understand a person, pattern the social relationships follow over a cup of tea and finally how a simple cup of tea contributes to the larger society.

Cup of Tea

When I wake up this morning, the thirst for drinking cuppa made me look at my kitchen-shelf and found out that my tea container was nearly empty. I thought, will ask some tea leaves from my neighbour then it occurred on my mind that they have been on home quarantine for almost a week. Since we are tackling this apocalyptic situation venturing outside just for one particular supply deemed not as essential. So reckoning, what will be of my next tea time, I prepared for now with some left-over tea leaves which I enjoyed immensely as it was my last deoch an doris.

ग्रीन टी – Green Tea

ग्रीन टी – Green Tea राती ताप्केमै छाडेकोहाते चियाको बासी छोकराअलिकति पानी थपिएपछिएकपल्ट फेरि उम्लन्छ भुलुक-भुलुकचाल्नीबाट छिर्दै बगेको झरनालेबनाउँछ कलाईको मगमा सुन्दर तलाउअनि शुरू हुन्छ…