The Titaura Story


I still remember my predicament on the eve of my first day in St. Robert’s. My mood was anything but excited. I was staring at a new set of uniform that I was supposed to wear the next day, and I was not enjoying the sight at all. A uniform that resembled ” Titaura” is not at all appealing even to someone with zero aesthetic sense.

I was wondering ” you have to be a retard to come up with such an awful design, I mean who on earth conceives a school uniform that is humanly not possible to describe !!??”

I was supposed to wear it the next day and look excited at the same time. The next day I couldn’t help but wear it. The feeling of being inside a dress that you absolutely abhor is morbidly unpleasant.

But as the days passed, I started noticing something very strange thing happening around me. I started getting uncalled attention from the girls, which of course, I relished. I just couldn’t figure it out but kept wondering. And one fine day it flashed in my naive mind that the girls are crazy about “Titaura“.


With that revelation, I was so in love with my uniform and never felt like taking it off.

And now, I have grown older with ever diminishing radiance that fails to draw female attention, thus sometimes I relive those beautiful days of yore in their reminiscence and feel both happy and sad.

These days, whenever I faintly crave for female attention, I open my cupboard and look at that neatly packed faded ” Titaura” uniform of my beloved alma mater which I have kept until this day with utmost care and love ( both in my cupboard and heart) and feel like wearing it again, and go out on the street, and shout it loud ” girls…devour!”

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Writes: Prabhat Chiso Rai

We thank our reader Indu Rai for sending us this piece

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  1. I miss school’s days ..8 yrs grown at that blessed institute..and I do miss all my teachers and mates

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