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अालो घाउ

Gorkhaland is proposed statehood demand by the people of the hill regions of District Darjeeling Kalimpong and Duars area demanding a separate state from the Indian state of West Bengal within India.

Sikkim, Darjeeling and Development

The youths and future of Darjeeling sadly stands in “Nali” and “Jhora,” not in building libraries for the children. Darjeeling stands here in “Ego” and “Clashes” not in Unification. Darjeeling stands here in “jobs for party flag bearer” not in conducting examination and competition for the jobs. Darjeeling stands for “ek bottle rakshi and masu vaat” not in making the people fully sustainable, and trained and equipped to earn. All this limitation and gaps exist because of the absence of Temple and the priests in our Darjeeling.

What Gorkha Youth Thinks

Dear Gorkhas ,
Make sure people will know you by your present action and not by your history .
Be the sun that shines everywhere
Be it education, entertainment, sports, or politics
Business or social services
From dash to dash

A Welcome Step: Historic Alliance of GJM and GNLF in Darjeeling Hills

We have to realize the fact that the long cherished dream to statehood or 6th schedule can only be achieved through a political settlement with the central government. This brings us to the conclusion that it is only the Center that has the power to get this done, and it would be a blunder not to support an alliance that is making an attempt to do just that.

पहाड़मा नागरिक समाज किन निम्छौरो?

नागरिक समाज (सिभिल सोसाइटी) का वलिष्ट र गरिष्ठ सामाजिक चहलपहल र गतिविधिहरू लोसेत्रिएर शून्यमा झरेकैले गर्दा चारतिरबाट चोर दुलैदुलो परेको हो त? आवश्यकता र आधार…