Darjeeling Court Sentences Man to Death in a Rape and Murder of 11-yr-old Child in Naxalbari

On November of 2014, a father was in a rush to go to the temple and told his 11-year-old daughter to hurry. For the father-daughter duo this was an everyday routine, two of them would go to the temple together and head back home. That day, the father had to run errands and the daughter was slightly delayed, so he went ahead. He waited for his daughter to show up at the temple but she didn’t. Around 11 AM when he finally came home, his daughter wasn’t around. When his daughter didn’t come back for the longest time, he started to panic and went around asking. It was almost like his daughter had vanished. A search ensued.

Khabar Samay Journalists Grievously Injured by Alleged TMC Affiliated Goons for Exposing NJP Parking Ghotala

Recounting the horror they had to face, Subham said, “In no time they started hitting us with fists and blows, and one of them hit me with an iron rod at the back, and since we were less in number we stood in a helpless situation and badly injured, wherein I fell unconscious. I sustained injuries on my upper lip, fingers and there are internal injuries as well.”