Elections 2019: The Common Man’s Issue


A poor child wishes if someone could pay for his/her new school bag to replace the torn one. Another kid wishes for a pair of new shoes in place of torn ones that he has been wearing for a year now. Safety pins have replaced the zip of her bag, as zip doesn’t hold together anymore. The pencil box could fall off the bag on the way back home, or she could miss on home work.

She wishes she could ask her parents for a new school dress. But, how could she dare? She could see her parents sweat and couldn’t burn their pockets more. Sometime her parents would say, “I am full now, you have it.” just to make sure that she doesn’t go to bed hungry. How much they earn working in the tea gardens, the farms or by working as a daily wages workers? They have to take care of education of their children, fulfil their wants, needs and other expenses with small amount of money they earn working all the day-night long. 

Do they deserve this, because they are poor? Some of you may say “yes”. If they were supposed to depend only on what they earn their own. If they were to make all the things themselves without paying taxes directly or indirectly, then I may agree to answer, somehow.  

However, no matter who we are, what we do, we all pay taxes to the government directly or indirectly in the form of service tax, land tax, income tax, etc. Even we pay taxes to use the road and other services meant for us. The condition of roads, schools and hospitals becomes so much bad after sometime. I wonder, taxes paid by so many people in different forms and the fees for services. Are they not enough to maintain the infrastructures build for us to continue providing the same services?

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Students at Evergreen English School, Saneytar, Pokhrebung.

The funds which gets accumulated from taxes are not the treasure found during treasure hunt and it is not the personal properties. The stack of money can invoke greed in saints. Those people sitting on the stack of collected money are no saints. The funds for any government projects meant for public comes from the money paid by public. Be it central funds or the state funds.

What if we ask to improve facilities and services in the hospitals, schools, etc. When someone become MLA’s, MP’s or Councillor’s, they should address more simple little things too. If they could set up MP’s funds club, MLA’s funds club, Council funds club in the constituency to address such small issues, which effects people to the depth. If they could pay for the students bags, school dress, books, exercise books, improve health services and the basic aminities for people, those who all are financially weak in the society.

I know it would be like playing trumpet in front of horse. What if, we ask these kind of things to be done for us to the representative we elect from our ward, council or constituencies during panchayat elections, municipal elections or any elections. The society would have been different. If the representatives elected by us, would not consider taxes paid by us, as their treasure found during treasure hunt. 

Definitely these are the small things, the people may say, “Is this what you ask after electing someone as MP from our place?”  It is the little thing which can bring very big change in people’s life. It gives confidence, courage and support. Everyone works or do things for their families. There are so many people who needs financial help. Especially to take care of the education of their children and to pay their medical bills when they fall sick.The childern are our coming generations who will carry a baton of our culture. They should be capable to bring huge difference in the society. If our kids educations, health of public are taken as a priority. Our future, future of our society, culture and country would be in the safe hands. 

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The bootlickers, the one who has sold their soul to devils, evil will play as their ministers to plunder the resources of public. There are lots of things, which needs attention. But it is not bad, if we start with safeguarding our upcoming generations and health of all the public. Mostly for the one, who could not afford much from their small earnings. The government has different ways to implement those funds to public. If they could come up with new ways of implementing the same, I believe there would be no harm at all. They gets elected to sort the grivances, issues of the people of their constituency. Everything needs upgrade and hope we may see it in coming days.

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