My Ex-Army Father Was Left in Tears

Ex-army deserve more respect. [file pic for representative purpose only]

One of our readers writes about the plight of her ex-army father…

“Through this platform, I want to share my story with everyone. Story about how my family and I stand utterly disgusted by the unruly behaviour of a lady army personal in military base hospital Bengdubi.

My father, who is an ex-army man, has been suffering from diabetes from the past 14 years, today told me that never in these many years had he ever felt this disgusted over any Army personal. He said it with teary eyes and shock-stricken voice, after which I asked about the entire story to my mom.

The night of the day before yesterday, we got a call that my father, who was staying at our home in Darjeeling to look after the cardamom work for over 2 months, was seriously ill. His legs and stomach had swollen up.
Without any delay, he was rushed to kalimpong hospital. After a brief check up yesterday the doctor observed that his heart had swollen up and infection had started intruding his kidney, For the treatment of the same, he had to be admitted in hospital for proper care.

As we were here in Siliguri, we decided to bring him down and visit the army hospital, as we have got the benefit of free medical treatment up to some amount. Thinking so, we brought him down today and he was taken to military base hospital Bengdubi.

I couldn’t adjust with the schedule as I had to go for work, so my mom and other family members went there.

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So now as per my mom and father’s narration, as soon as they entered the hospital, they enquired about the proceedings. They were directed to meet one lady who was probably the designated Medical Officer. To their shock, the lady behaved in a rude and unruly way. She was arrogant and inconsiderate right from the beginning.

At first, she said, “who told you come here at this time? Hum yaha par khali bethay hai kya? Kaal hi yeh sab hua tha toh aaj kyun aa rahe ho ? Yeh koi waqt hai anay ka (note it was around 2:30 afternoon) kitne door hai ghar ? Etc etc”. Shocked with that lady’s behaviour my mom answered, “kal check up kiya private hospital meh toh aaj…” Without even listening to the whole thing, the lady snatched a bag containing medical reports from my mom’s hand. Unable to bear this view and behaviour my father opposed saying “madam yeh koi tarika hai aise dusre insan woh bimario se baat karneka? Meh bhi fauji hoon aur mujhe bhi pata hai yaha ke rules aur regulations”.

This got her furious and she started shouting, “aap humko na shikaye ki kaise baat karna hai.”

My father responded “Jo bhi baat hai aap humko achchay se bhi samjha sakti thi..”

Listening to the raised voices and shouting, my aunt, my maiju and mama went to enquire what was happening. Then that lady again started shouting, “who asked you to come here?” Responding to it, my aunt said “madam yeh koi tarika hai patient ke sath aur uske ghar walo se baat karne ka? Aapnay wo bag aise kyun cheena mere didi k haath se?”

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On this, the lady said, “meh aap logo se batameezi nahi kar rahi. Lekin yeh koi time nahi hai hospital aanay ka. Ulta aap log kaise baat kar rahe hai. Uska meh report darj karungi..”

My mama responded, “I am an army too. madam humko pata hai yaha ka niyam kanun. Yeh aap government employee ho isliye aise baat kar rahe ho aur hum sunn bhi rahe hai. Lekin apki aisi harkat civil hospital meh kabhi bhi bardasht nahi ki jati.”

After that, the lady took out her mobile phone and took photos of my family members saying she would report this issue for sure.

After that my father was taken to private nursing home in Siliguri. In between I joined them directly from my work.

My father was shocked and in disbelief that how could a lady officer can treat a sick person like that.

On one hand the armed professionals do so much for the country, and on other hand, these so called officers, who are extremely unprofessional, are not leaving any chance to stain their image.

My father has been diagnosed of a chance of having cancer which we haven’t disclosed to him. But the thing is that, God forbid, if the reports come positive my father would never agree to go back to same hospital just because of that lady.

Prerna Gurung”


Disclaimer: This is a letter to the editor published in its entirety. TheDC team has not been able to reach out to the base hospital for its comment on the matter.

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  1. I wish they had also named the rude Lady Doctor. That would have given more clarity. Shocking behaviour by the doctor. Very unprofessional and downright inhumane and insensitive. Just opposite of what a doctor is supposed to be

  2. NAKUL CHHETRI | October 1, 2018 at 5:30 PM | Reply

    Complaint thinking ni yaha lakhera kehi hundaina.

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