Nursing Homes in Darjeeling – Are They for Treating Patients?

Hello Admin, hope you are doing good. Please post this on an urgent basis.

It’s today’s incident which took place in our own Darjeeling.

Actually, I live in Takdah Cantt. A bit far away from the town. My mom was suffering from a severe stomach ache since the last couple of week, so she had gone for a doctor visit in Takdah itself and the physician referred her for a ultrasonography and we don’t have those facilities in our place. So my mom decided to go for a ultrasonography in Darjeeling.

The rules here in our private Nursing Home in Yuma is that if you want to do a USG then you need to enrol your name at 8:00 AM in the morning and only you can make it. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the name enrolled so we could not have the test done that day. We wasted the whole day. Today we got the name enrolled for USG and managed to do the USG in Yuma.  She was diagnosed with a gall bladder stone so she had to visit the doctor for consultation. We could not meet the doctor as he was on leave and he will be back after a week.

So, my mother decided to take the report and visit Planters nurshing home and wanted an appointment with Dr P Das. The receptionist didn’t allow her to meet the Doctor with the USG report which was done in Yuma. They (receptionist) said that you are only eligible to see a doctor with a USG report done in Planters itself or else you have to do the USG again.

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Now tell me whether I do the USG in Yuma or in planter the report is all the same. But these days everyone is seeking bussiness here even in darjeeling. If we face this sort of issues in our own place, what else do I expect in Siliguri and any other places.

We need to fight for this kind of incident which is happening in our community.

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Pratik Chhetri

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  1. Hey…I’m a medical student and I’m from Darjeeling itself… initial advice for you would be for u to get her checked in siliguri and not Darjeeling….here neither the diagnostic reports are good nor the clarity that u want….it’s high time that we people have to broaden our vision….im staying in Kolkata and thus can see tge difference between our hills and cities….we are suffering from utter negligence and exploitation

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