The Better Momo Game – The Inspirational True Story of Euden and Darjeeling Steamers

Darjeeling Steamers

If nothing, as of recently has been able to inspire you, we have a story here that definitely will. We bring to you a story of a single mother, her struggle, passion and determination. A lady who built an entire world for herself and her daughter in a place like Delhi by just selling momo’s.

Euden, as we said, is a single mother from Darjeeling and is presently based in Delhi. She runs a restaurant in Delhi named “Darjeeling Steamers” that serves excellent momo’s of different varieties. She started her journey by selling momos at stalls. It’s her passion that has now brought her to run one of the best momo serving restaurants in Delhi.

                                                                                                         Rice Momo

TheDC sat for a small interview with Euden. Here is what she had to say.

TheDC: Please tell us something about yourself, who all are involved in your restaurant.
Euden: My name is Euden. I was born and brought up in Darjeeling. Did my schooling from Loreto Convent Darjeeling. Yes, I have a team of people who have helped me to open up this restaurant. My daughter Shiwangi my great support, Aashish Bhatt Sharma the marketing head, Anju Wakhley, Merina Subba and Mr Kapoor my company Boss.

TheDC: What inspired you to start a restaurant in Delhi?
Euden: My main inspiration my daughter Shiwangi, her friends who visited us and have always enjoyed the food I have prepared for them. As I have been staying in Delhi, so Delhi was the option I had in mind, so thus a restaurant here.

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TheDC: How does your daughter make a difference in your work and decision makings?
Euden: Yes, my daughter makes a huge difference in my life. She is the greatest gift of God for me. More than mother and daughter, we are friends. We share all our secrets with one another. I tell her everything before I decide to do anything.

                                                                                                           Sadeko Momo

TheDC: As a single mother, what difficulties did u face to start the restaurant?
Euden: Whether a single mother or father, being single itself is different. The way people look at us is different, the odd questions they have for us is different. The two faced people of our society which is hard to understand itself is a huge problem for single parents like me. I did come across many difficulties to start the restaurant. I had financial issues, I did not have any such moral support. I found out that I was charged more than the actual costing. I have invested more than expected.

TheDC: Please tell us about how the journey started, who have you trained under?
Euden: My daughter came to stay with me after years, so being a mum had to cook for her. I had her and my nephew’s friend coming and going, so being a mother had to cook for them. Everyone who has visited us has enjoyed the food that was served to them. I am not trained howsoever I would like to give credit to my mother in law as she was the one whose shaped me kinda way and I too got interested in cooking and that is how I started up.


TheDC: Is this your 1st restaurant? How does it feel to start a restaurant in Delhi?
Euden: This is my 1st restaurant. Before this, I used to put up stalls in food festivals. Our people have a different way to look to a single woman. I serve Momo, so they try to make it downrated. But I would like to say whether it’s a small stall by the roadside or a big Restaurant our people should learn to appreciate what the person is doing to survive. I am not robbing away people. I am doing something on my own without any backing or support and I am proud of myself as this is my own. Though I had some financial issues, yet I have been able to open up my restaurant in Delhi, which is the capital of India.

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TheDC: Please tell us something about the dishes you serve here?
Euden: We surveyed the entire market and saw the craze Delhiites have for Momo. So that is how I decided to specialise in Momos. I have a huge variety of Momos. Along with Momo I do serve a few selective dishes.

                                                                                                     Chocolate Momo

TheDC: What’s your favourite dish and why?
Euden: Favourite I would say, everyone has their own taste so it completely depends on the customer.

TheDC: Which is a must have a dish in your restaurant?
Euden: It completely depends on the customer, as I am into the business, I would say everything that we serve is good to taste.

TheDC: Do you cater to parties and gatherings? Where can people contact to connect for those?
Euden: Till now, I have not catered to parties or any gatherings. But yes, I will surely cater if I get an opportunity to do so. Any interested person can contact me through Facebook, Instagram or can call me on 9599610656.

                                                                                               Chicken Mozzarella Sticks

TheDC: What advice would you give to those who want to follow in your footsteps?
Euden: My advice is I am not a superwoman. I have not been to the moon or climbed a mountain. I am but just a simple woman. I have had my own share of ups and downs in life, but the fact is I have never given up in life. I have no complaints. I have accepted every little thing that came my way and has enjoyed a lot to overcome the obstacles. I have accepted my failures and learnt from them. I would just say take life as it is. Don’t lose hope, don’t run away, believe in yourself and don’t worry about failures. About what people may say or think about, just do what you want to do and go ahead. Don’t sit and cry over spilt milk and go ahead and achieve your dream.

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TheDC: What are your future plans, where do you see yourself and your restaurant in 2 years time?
Euden: I just want to open some more outlets.

TheDC team wishes Euden, best wishes in her endeavour. We hope that her hard work and unflinching determination will inspire thousands of our people to stand tall, in the face of gravest adversities.

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