STILL AWAITED: Road to Sumripani Top Line

Sumripani Top Line - Road awaited

One of our readers write about the plight of villagers in Sumripani, Pokhriabong

“I would like to draw your kind attention towards a grieving situation encountered by my fellow villagers from Sumripani Top Line, under Pokhriabong GP-II, Sukhia Pokhri Block, Darjeeling since long. The village is home to more than 100 families, in addition people from nearby villages like Piplay , Tamkuley and Kothidhura villages of Avongrove TE and many more use this as the main access road to Pokhriabong bazar. However, half of the village is yet to be connected by any motorable road.

A kutcha road connecting Sumripani to Pokhriabong was supposed to be constructed by GTA in 2013, and earth cutting for the same had begun, but even the earth cutting process was left uncompleted. Thereafter no further step has been taken by any administration or authorities even after numerous visits, petition and request.

Given the topography, climatic condition and soil factor this incomplete road is not even walkable, especially during Monsoon and has been troublesome to my villagers in Sumripani, as well as the people from adjoining villages like Piplay village, Tamkuley and Kothidhura villages of Avongrove TE etc. During rainy season,people  from these villages really struggle during times of medical emergencies, and many a lives have been lost even before the patient could be reached to the main road.

Just 2 kilometer motorable road here can address the age old plight of the villagers.

Therefore sir, I would like to request the authorities to kindly work on this road.”

We hope the authorities will take a look into this immediately, and do the needful

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