Cyber Crime in Darjeeling – Told to File GD in Siliguri

Cyber Crime Darjeeling SiliguriWill Darjeeling get its own Cyber Cell/

“I am sharing my horrific experience of trying to register a FIR against cyber crime committed here Darjeeling, but how I was told to go to Siliguri, so that it brings awareness among police higher-ups and also our people.

In a case of ATM fraud, I was duped of Rs 16000/- from my Axis bank account on the 4th of February.

My mother Sakila Gurung, who had around 18000 rupees in her Axis bank account, had given her ATM to me to withdraw some money. I along with my husband withdrew 2000 rupees at UCO bank, Singmari at around 10 A.M. After that when we went home. At home my mother told me, she had received withdrawal messages of Rs.5000 for 3 times and Rs. 1000 for once, apart from our original and authentic Rs. 2000 withdrawal.

Seeing this, we hurriedly visited Axis Bank, where on our inquiry, I was told that the money was withdrawn at Tung through ATM transaction. I was further told to file a GD and submit a copy with the bank along with an application.

That is where the case gets absurd and outrageous. As per the Bank’s instruction, I visited the Sadar Police Station, Darjeeling to get my complaint registered. But my GD was denied, saying that they don’t have a cyber crime branch in Darjeeling, and that I need to travel down to Siliguri for filing the GD.

As I am in advanced stages of pregnancy and my health doesn’t permit me to travel such distance, which I of course mentioned to the officials there, but it was of no use, they simply refused to take my complaint.

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From what I have come to know, this is not the first time that filing of complaints regarding cyber crimes were refused blatantly by Darjeeling Police. All have been directed to travel to Siliguri to file an General Diary. It is beyond me to understand how a DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS doesn’t has a Cyber Crime cell, but a sub-division does, and why the police offices in Darjeeling cannot take a GD and forward the same to their counterparts in Siliguri or Kolkata? All it takes is scanning the document and emailing it.

We are utterly disappointed with the lack of such important facility at a District level police jurisdiction, and more disappointed by how our people are directed to Siliguri for each and every purpose. We are also disappointed by how a national level bank is so casual about such breach in their security and their customer’s money. They could have in their capacity helped the victim in initializing the process, but we guess it isn’t an issue of much importance to them.

I hope this letter brings awareness among police officials that not everyone can afford to travel to Siliguri to file a GD.


Sanjula Gurung”

We hope the authorities concerned will kindly take actions to remedy the situation urgently. The hills do deserve a cyber-crime cell.

Cyber Crime Darjeeling Siliguri
Never mind cyber crime, but do call the given number for dance related emergencies

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  1. Souradiptya Chakraborty | February 29, 2020 at 2:22 PM | Reply

    To The -Inspector in charge of Police Siliguri Police Station Siliguri Sub : Unauthorized transactions and cash withdrawal through online payment service Sir, Most respectfully I would like to state that I Souradiptya Chakraborty, a residence of Dakshin Bharat Nagar, Siliguri, has an account in Union Bank of Indian and last Friday (28.02.2020) when I was in Alipurduar some unknown sources has withdrew good amount of my money in several portions through my Google Pay account(linked to my earlier mentioned bank account) in between night 10 pm to 4am and total Rs. 96500 has been withdrew from my account. I am in great trouble at this moment. Therefore Sir, I cordially request you to take necessary measures in order to rescue the amount I have lost. I assure you to cooperate in all aspects in this regard. The details of my account and the proof of this unauthorized withdrawal has been attached with the letter. Thanking you, Souradipta Chakraborty

  2. Dear Sir
    Sir Cybercrime Darjeeling Siliguri West Bengal
    Dear sir,
    It is a humble request that we are a temporary resident of the applicant Mohan Kumar Sahani Village and Post, Badgo Police Station Ramgarh Tal Tehsil Sadar Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, we have with the applicant, dated
    On 22/06/2020, I received a call, mobile number is
    8124133847, and they said, you have a courier, and you have to deposit its custom fees of ₹ 56000 thousand, and they have their account number, is 38976084923, whose IFSC code is SBIN 0000184, In which I sent ₹ 56000 rupees to Google pay on 23/06/2019, the next 2 days after that, his mobile number, 8124133847, was closed, when I knew his bank details, this account number was written by someone Narayan Gurung. The name is of a person whose address is from Darjeeling Siliguri West Bengal, so my humble request to you sir, is that we help the applicant, and by registering an FIR in the name of this person, please be pleased to get it done, Thank you

    Mohan Kumar Sahani
    Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh
    mobile number. 9936 63 1975, 6387 55 9403

  3. I online froud 44300 rupes by names of bankmitra pvt ltd head office bengaluru above arrow showroom contact person who is deal with me 9073728075 till not refund

  4. sir i am naresh singha hereby beg to request that already filed a cyber case in portal for froud of 44300 rupes .I want to know what is the update of my case.
    thanking your anticipation.

  5. Sir I am Rohan Gurung hereby beg to request that already filled a cyber case in portal for fraud of rupees 52000. I want to know what is the update of my case. Thanking for your anticipation.

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