Hill-based SSC is the only Solution for the People of GTA Region


Education is such a prime thing where no one wants to compromise. It is everything for everyone, which harbours the development and most importantly, evolution, from the youth to the matured persons or more in a precise, evolve from generation to generation.. A society couldn’t considered as a society if it lacks an education. We can consider an education as a holy word which comes from the Guardians, a society and the School.

Present scenario:

In our hill Area, Education has become a business where someone is a graduate and if he or she has a stronghold on the politics then it is sure that they will get a job.

School is a temple but, here, the heinous act is going on where our education is suppressed by noxious politics. Teacher, who has a great responsibility for the betterment of the society, in terms of cultural, athletism and educational values are being appointed, without any kind of notification and an advertisement of the post.

How can we make things better?

At present, the only thing which will make our education better is a Hill-based SSC (School Service Commission) exam. It doesn’t matter if the syllabus is made the same as that of SSC; just little change is required to justify the People residing on the hills. Two things should be added on the syllabus,

  1. Major Language should be Nepali (as we have every right because we belong to the minority)
  2. In General Knowledge, Hill-based knowledge questions should be included with the other GK.

Why hill based SSC exam?

  1. Because it will create some healthy competition among our people so it’s good for the future. It will definitely help us in selecting the able candidate for the post.
  2. So the name here is hill based, so what does it indicate that the Question should be made according to the hill based like, what is the name of the oldest tea garden of Darjeeling? When do Cinchona Plantations has formed? Etc.
  3. It allows us to maintain the proper structure and can be rearranged as soon as possible so that if any flaws in the appointment procedure are found it should be scrapped.
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Why hill based questions?

It will fork out every hidden history- the mystery of the GTA region. The history has been hidden by the West Bengal Govt. Such history of the hills of North Bengal as whole used to be on the WEST Bengal Syllabus before but today all the history has been hidden away by the State Govt. If the West Bengal Govt has done so precisely to hide away our history from the syllabus book, it indicates that it has something special not only for the people of Hills but for the whole North Bengal.


Justification to the people residing at GTA region:

Now, the present scenario is, Political flag is of immense importance for doing any work in the GTA region. No quality or skills is being noticed or considered as an important aspect of getting a job. Those persons who do not have the right quality for the job are being appointed and the children or students who are the future of our society are being recklessly handled by the past and present Political parties.

Those teachers, who never experienced any kind of competition, are being appointed and the question is how they can make competitive students when they never had experienced it. And, Hill-based SSC is the only solution that also provides the best justification and can conserve the ethnic value of the people of the GTA region.

Together we can make our society healthy again!!

Don’t you want changes?

Jai Gorkha, Jai Hind

Writes: Sanjog Chhetri, PhD Plant Pathology, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya.

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2 Comments on "Hill-based SSC is the only Solution for the People of GTA Region"

  1. Sad reality. Our students are not being able to get qualifying marks for applying in General duty army which is just 45pc agg. Sadly our people are asking for more relaxation even in such low marks, instead of looking into the reasons for such poor educational performance, one of which and the most important is the mishandling of teachers appointments. Hence SSC can be the useful solution.

  2. It will be helpful for the exam aspirants if the exam pattern and syllabus for the hill based SSC was included in this page o that a guidance for the exam preparation would be better for the aspirant.
    Thank you

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