Jan Andolan Party Decries AT-BT Faction

Amar Lama file pic

The Jana Andolan Party yesterday criticized Anit Thapa-Binay Tamang (AT-BT) team, accusing them of making a “mockery of the ultimate sacrifices of those who lost their lives in the recent agitation for Gorkhaland in the hills.”

Amar Lama, the bureau member of the JAP, said “Binay Tamang has forfeited the moral right to espouse the cause of Gorkhaland by seeking and accepting the compensation package for those who had died in the recent agitation for Gorkhaland.”

“The 12 innocent persons who had to pay with their lives for coming out in support for Gorkhaland were not seeking monetary compensation or jobs for their kin. They sacrificed their lives for the cause of Gorkhaland. By seeking and accepting the monetary compensation of the state government, Binay and his group have sought to make a mockery of the ultimate sacrifice made by our martyrs,” he said.

[With inputs from Telegraph]

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