Portrait of an Artist: Luthor “to become our people”

Luthor: To Become Our People - this generation knows

We don’t usually headline our news-day with a song. But once in every blue moon, we come across a song, that shakes us to our core, that leaves us wanting for more. “To become our people – Luthor feat Still Human Revolutionaries” is an amazing poetry, that definitely represents the voice of this generation, and their angst against he divisiveness that has dug deep roots in our community, and their desire to see we all break our respective narrow barriers, and join hands in unity, to lay the foundation for a community that won’t sell out, that won’t bend or break, but will thrive and endure all negativity like one family.

The song is a voice from our generations as indifferent as the youth may seem to have been, we have listened, observed and seen and it is to be known, that all of my generation carries this message as a weapon and responsibility as a generation we carry to not repeat history but create the future today and in doing so all that we need is ‘ to become our people. This is the voice of our generation.
– Luthor

Luthor: To Become Our People – this generation knows

Portrait of an Artist

Name : Martin Menlom Sada
Stage name: Luthor
Age: 18

On his Background: I am from Relli,Kalimpong. I did my schooling at St. Augustine’s School Kalimpong till class 10, and did my +2 from G.D.Goenka Public School Siliguri. I am currently studying music at the Bangalore conservatory.

On his Art: My art is a reflection of our reality , and i believe my music to be ours as a generation of whats happening and what needs to be heard , more like a microphone to whats silenced . It is more of a way of living

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Their song “To Become Our People” has been an endeavour of love for all connected.

Produced/ lyrics: Luthor
Video: Sherab Wangchuk
Singers: Judah, Ishmael, Nickrose

The lyrics here so powerful and so bitingly well-penned, its maturity will leave most dumbfounded. To think that an 18-year-old can pen a lyrics laying bare the evils afflicting our society, gives one hope and a sense of relief, that even if those ahead of us may have attempted to destroy us – knowingly or unknowingly, this generation will heal all those divides.

” For if we were to be one body then their divide and rule would never conquer for I would realize I am nothing without you and you would realize you are nothing without me and they would realize they are but ruling over nothing”

Here’s the full lyrics

Those were rubber bullets right ?

9 mm shot in the head and the chest both died

Buy those were rubber bullets right ?

The police only had sticks no guns right ?

They only came for peace well i salute their purpose to bring peace to a peace rally see

This is what the media preached

The same people that teach kids to speak truth they lie

So tell me y do I need to read a book new

To see truth . when I can see my people get shot in the avenue

When I can see my people get bought by the revenue

Well haven’t you read the news

How our people died in the same streets you walk by

Thinking their life is a sacrifice for their people but their so called leaders went to

flew and hide

Well haven’t u ?

So tell me why school

Tell me why society

Do you still teach these kids of truth

Cuz of what I see

This politics is all benefits .

Our leaders are hypocrites

 Ever Since genesis

Cuz of what i see

We don’t need no leaders

 All we need is our people to speak up equal

To speak up equal

And you prolly wonder why I speak so much o hatred

Well it prolly gives you headache

When you hear your grandmothers were raped here

 And every man from our land had to escape 800+ lives died on a day

Crazy how we still celebrate their death

1986 till date

Been 31 years of mayday

But still there ain’t no change and we still claim this land to be ours

I wonder who is we In this ours In this hour

I dont’ stand for no land

I stand for one man.

One mother, one son, one daughter fatherless and another.

Cuz home gets sold by his own and every time the state checks money we get


And It prolly was rubber bullets

These politicians took cause our people died and none of them shook.

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Here are some links for those interested

Luthor You can visit him on Insta

Mix and mastered by: Jacob Panlook:

Video by: Sherab Wangchuk:

To listen to other songs from ” Homejayega” EP: Click Here

[We thank Sherab Wangchuk for helping us with the pics for this piece]

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