In Memorium: Kumar Subba

There was something about the voice that felt so heavenly the first time I heard it in the National Panasonic tape recorder that my family had recently bought back in the mid 1980s. I was barely 12 then, and I had just started listening to greats like Mohd Rafi and Kishore Kumar, along with new singers like Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan Jha. However, the Nepali songs like the ones sung by the legendary Kumar Subba were something else, and they swam through my cerebral cortex like a wakeful dream, the lyrics, the voice quality, the music notes, all easy on the ears and relaxing me to the hilt.

“Educators” – Portrait of a Band

Darjeeling is a land blessed with music, “Educators” continue with the glorious musical traditions of our land. Different from the recent deluge of “Folk-Pop” that has dominated the Nepal music scenario, we are happy to introduce the “Educators”, a band that is rooted in rock. “Educators” are a Nepali rock band formed in 2018. All the band members are teachers at Turnbull Higher Secondary School, Darjeeling. The band is influenced by rock and the new wave of Nepali heavy metal and soft rock music. They like to experiment with music by blending mainstream traditional concepts with rock/soft rock genres.

Deepankar Waiba – A Musical Bureaucrat

Deepankar Waiba is a WBCS officer and a very talented artist too. A trained economist, he is a painter, musician, singer and a composer he comes from Munsong, a gorgeous but very remote place in rural Kalimpong. He has struggled hard to make a mark for himself, this is his story.

गायक स्व. जीतेन्द्र बरदेवाको 25औं पूण्यतिथिमा सश्रद्धा भावपूर्ण श्रद्धाञ्जली अर्पण

2 जुलाई 1995 सालमा दिवंगत हुनभएका महान संगीतकार, शब्दकार, गायक स्व. जीतेन्द्र बरदेवाको 25औं पूण्यतिथिमा सश्रद्धा भावपूर्ण श्रद्धाञ्जली अर्पण गर्दै यो सानो लेख्न प्रस्तुत गर्ने प्रयास गरेकी छु। – मेनुका प्रधान, दार्जीलिङ

Prayas Biswakarma: Gifted Violinist From Kalimpong

The budding musician, Prayas Biswakarma’s journey as a musician began not anywhere else, but within the four walls of his house. Trained by his father, Rudra Mani Biswakarma, founder music teacher at Gandhi Ashram School, Kalimpong, Prayas started playing the violin at a very early age. His sister, Kushmita Biswakarma, is also a well-known violinist from Kalimpong.


The Rock & Roll and Hard Rock scene set by amazing bands such as The Hillians, Extreme Moderation, Turquoise and Jade, The Diamonds, Prism, Forbidden Fruit, Magnum Opus, Pralay was later followed by bands like Rusty Nails, the US Band (where US is short for Unity of Souls) among others, makes Darjeeling the leading light of Rock music in India. Following on the footsteps of these greats, is an up and coming band from our hills “The Invasion”.

Portrait of an Artist: Gunjan “Gigga” Lama –Rapper

Darjeeling has always been a Mecca of Music in the Nepali music world, adding to the long list of artists from Darjeeling is Gunjan “Gigga” Lama. Though Rap music took time to dig its roots in Darjeeling hills, today we have exciting new up and coming artists who are looking to establish Brand Darjeeling firmly in the hearts and minds of music lovers.

Portrait of an Artist: Benoy Rai

Benoy Rai, a Darjeeling based musician, has recently released his new solo album “Can’t Lose the Blues”. A hardcore music enthusiast, and a seasoned artist, Benoy has been a part of the music revolution in Darjeeling that saw the rise of Band Culture.

Portrait of an Artist: Yawan Lepcha

After years of struggle in my musical journey I finally came up with my debut EP “Dream Sequence”. Before this, I used to play with the bands like “Aagyat” “Ground Zero” “Tribal Rain” “Corpulent Deformity”