BJP Manifesto Silent on Gorkha Aspirations

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday, April 14, released its manifesto or ‘Sankalp Patra’, with the tagline “Modi ki Guarantee”, for the Lok Sabha election 2024. Their 67-page manifesto, which is more of a big canvas policy statement, has avoided mention of all political issues, including – Gorkha aspirations.

There is no mention of PPS, or inclusion of 11 left-out Gorkha sub-tribes as Schedule Tribes.

Taming The Beast – Now, TMC May Shring-la?

Despite claims to contrary, it is clear that the BJP central leadership and also BJP West Bengal Unit have not been sincere towards Gorkha aspirations. So definitely they are not happy with Raju Bista constantly raking up the PPS and Gorkha ST issue. It makes them uncomfortable, when a youthful MP reminds them of their constant failure to address these issues. So they would rather have a “Maun-Mohan” than a “Modi” among their ranks. They would rather have someone who strictly toes the party line, and avoids contentious issues like PPS and Gorkha ST. Hence, there is a very strong rumor going around that BJP central leadership is seeking to replace Raju Bista with Harshavardhan Shringla.

Bimal’s Bengal Bet – Brave or Buffoonery?

For all his flaws, Bimal Gurung is still liked by a large section of the people from North Bengal. Especially in remote rural regions where politicians rarely venture, Bimal Gurung is seen as someone who has cared for the people. But will this sentiment prevail across the region? It’s difficult to say. But in tying his fate to TMC and also himself, Bimal has made a bold move, will it help him bounce back or will it backfire?

West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021- Faustian Bargain for Hills

Now, with the announcement of poll dates by the Election Commission for the West Bengal Assembly elections and the state going into the electoral mode, for the first time in the Darjeeling Hills, the century-old emotive issue of Gorkhaland is conspicuous by its absence, as it has been put to the back burner by the principal parties GJMM 1 and 2 after almost a decade.

A Betrayed Queen and the Union Territory of Darjeeling

Often described as the Queen of the Hills for its stunning natural beauty, complemented by the world-famous and UNESCO world heritage – the Himalayan Railway, also holding an intoxicating political history the Darjeeling hills does not fail to mesmerize the tourists as well as the scholars. It is sad but not surprising that the Queen of the Himalayas has always been a victim of political betrayal (Dhoka) and there is neither a “ Queen” like leader, nor a permanent “Hills” like solution to achieve its true potentials.

Elections 2021: चुनाव, चुनावी अश्वासन अनि माछा माछा भ्यागुताको कथा

आफ्नो कार्यकालको पहिलो चुनावी जनसभामा भारतीय जनता पार्टीका प्रधानमंत्री पदका उम्मेद्वार स्वयंले लाखौं जनताको अघि गोर्खाको सपना मेरो सपना भन्ने प्रतिश्रुति दिंदै पछिबाट बिजयी भएर प्रधानमंत्री समेत भएर आफ्नो दोस्रो प्रधान मंत्रीत्वकालसम्म पनि गोर्खाहरूको निम्ति सपना नै नदेख्नु चुनाव अघिका यस्ता ठूला ठूला वाचा र अश्वासनहरू र चुनाव सकेपछि मौन धारण गर्ने राजनैतिक दल र नेताहरूको यस्ता चरित्र माछा माछा भ्यागुताकै कथा जस्तो लाग्छ।