I, We and the Pandemic

It’s Sunday. Doesn’t feel like one though. Being a late riser I rose to hymns and choir of the St.Pauls Church in 5th Mile. The church is Silent. No hymns no bells. Easters too passed the same way. Well, must be same for everyone living beside Temples, Gurudwaras and mosques. It’s not the same world anymore. But it’s good too. I now wake up to calls of the Magpie Robin and sparrow chirps. The sweet bird calls were overpowered by the unpleasant noise of the trucks and vehicles.

Digital Divide across the Hills – Darjeeling and Sikkim

The role of education is not only to train the students for a living but for life. For years, education has only been used as a standardizing factor and not as a factor for liberating the self. This COVID19 pandemic has shaken the entire globe and we have been seeing the repercussions of lockdown in every sector including education. All sectors are trying their best to stay afloat and digital platform has acted as an oar to help row in this chaotic storm of events.

Siliguri-The Legitimate Claim Since the Old Gorkha Days

A question that anti-Gorkha elements have always triggered to counter Gorkha’s claim on Siliguri since the time of Left Front is, why should Siliguri be in Gorkhaland when 80 per cent of its population speaks Bengali? I decided not to halt unearthing the answer so easily after coming across an individual who said that this is an invalid claim of the community. To arrive at a proper conclusion, the most important of all the aspects would be to consider economy, demography and history.

Indian Army Rescued above 1500 Stranded Tourists in Sikkim

In a massive rescue operation, the Indian Army successfully rescued above 1500 stranded tourists in Sikkim. On 27th December, around 300 taxis carrying above 1500 tourists were travelling back from Nathula Pass were stuck on the way along Jawaharlal Nehru Road due to road blockage caused by heavy snowfall.

Sikkim: Bye-Elections 2019 and the Excitement

This statement of his has become quite relevant for the ongoing bye-elections in Sikkim this year for the three constituencies. Never has Sikkim witnessed such an interesting bye-election as people knew what was to come for them. Yet, we all wait to see the final results and get reassured that Atalji was correct in his analysis that elections are and will remain the mainstay of democratic India.

Read the Spine

I grew up in a small community area in Darjeeling where there were and still are, no motorable roads. There were no taps in our houses because there was no water. You could only ‘play with water’ when it rained. I still remember the day I played in the rain for three hours, it was the best day of my life, ever.

A Lesson from Hollywood

Sitting in a place for hours and reading has been my all-time favourite hobby. I love books of all kinds, fiction, non-fiction and everything in…