Yet, Here is a Good News!!

Writes – Bimal Rai, Mt. Pisgeh House of prayer, Darjeeling

“We wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness” (Isaiah.59:9)

In fact, the more human civilization has been erecting up with its infrastructural developments the more men are scorching themselves on the pyre of anxiety. Passionately seeking the way out for the light they seemed have perished in the gross darkness. Numerous men! got nothing good out of their wealth, relationship, dignity and wittiness. Thus longing to have sat on a peaceful branch that dove of their scared and restless heart flew way so many times. Yet their aching heartbreak itself is hurting more and just the same. Alas! That the expectable time for goodness did not balm their deeply wounded heart.

Then is not there any holistic antidote or alternative way of that septic anxiety, that ever masticates men’s heart?

As to crystallise the viable answer for such question that the top world leaders get together now and then. And they think of their various principalities and motion. For restoring the global village of mankind from this burst and spreading wildfire-like anxiety the huge amount of human power, skilfulness, wisdom have already been invested. However, unfortunately, this world has been moving around with ample of trouble, one after another.

“O! to hear, Let there be at least one good news”

At its core, our heart ever cries- “ o it’s enough. No more terrorism, murder, war, communalism, exploitation, suicide, scandal, fornication and prejudice!”

In the same manner after a weary wait for good news, your heart almost brakes and faints.

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So nowadays our mind has been ailing.

Dear friend! I don’t have to mingle your blazing psychosomatic disorder with hopelessness. But your wound needs a little dressing before get cured of.

However in this no way out or turmoil if your heart itself sought to hear about a good news. Then for us, there is still a good great news

For giving overwhelming rest to your paining and worried heart this is the exceptional way found trustworthy. Here still lies the refuge to have spiritual rest for your mental state of worry and nervousness.

“They that wait upon the Lord state of worry and nervousness shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run; and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.(Isaiah. 40:31)

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