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-23.9% An Act of God ! What does it mean for us ???

In fact, China is the only major economy to have shown a 3.2 percent growth. India has registered the highest contraction among the top-10 economies in the world today. The consequences we see unfolding, one may trace back to the stringent lockdown measures adopted, which forced all manufacturing units to remain shut, while the country’s COVID cases count was merely 500.

STD or Subscriber Trunk Dialling and the Forgotten Love Romances

I was delivering a lecture in one of my classes, where I stumbled upon the word STD. Something struck me at that instant, and so I happened to ask one of the boys about what he understood by the word term STD. He was prompt, loud and clear – he replied that it’s a disease which is sexually transmitted. I wanted to hear something else from him, so I asked if there were other meanings of STD. He was silent. Then I opened the question for the entire class, and still, nobody knew any other meaning.

The Law of the Crowd: One Must Fear

The Crowd which has no face, no recognition, they have only a voice whether it’s for something or against something, when they are on their own they seems to be undermining, and undefined. Nobody remembers a crowd from where it come or where it goes, but when they come together they can wage a war, bring about a revolution or bring down any establish rule or dynasty. Such is the power of the crowd and their might.

A lesson in Selflessness

It was on a Sunday morning, I happened to travel in an auto, it was too early for the traffic to get jammed, as thankfully…

The Darjeeling Illusion

It is as if a magic spell is cast upon us that we submissively gather to witness a show that is totally dramatised and scripted….