Subash Ghising’s “पार्टी भन्दा जाति ठुलो, जाति भन्दा माटो” Philosophy Guided Unity – says Ajay Edwards, GNLF

“For the past one year, the Gorkha National Liberation Front has undertaken intensive introspection on the current status of our community, and the bleak future facing us. In all of our deliberations, we have been guided by a single political philosophy पार्टी भन्दा जाति ठुलो, जाति भन्दा माटो – put forward by our founder and our guiding light Shri. Subash Ghising. For GNLF the interests of our land and its people have always remained paramount.”

The Lost Gorkha Identity – Misfortune or Malice?

If we compromise today, thousands of Gorkha youths like me will be asked, not only in distant foreign lands, but also in our own country, “are you from Nepal”. They will always be looked upon with suspicion, and they will continue to be discriminated against.

आश्वासनको राजनीति

चुनाव आउँछ अनि जान्छ। हामी नेताले दिएको ललीपपमा भुलिन्छौं। आश्वासनमा मक्ख पर्छौं। हरेक चुनावी भाषणमा हामी लुटिन्छौं। क्षेत्र क्षेत्रमा अा-आफ्नै समस्याहरू छन् ।हाम्रा राष्ट्रिय समस्याहरू…