Changed Drop Off Venue in Kalimpong, Leaves People Stranded

One of our readers Sarvesh Chahar writes…

Dear admin, I want to bring to your notice that the administration has changed the passenger drop venue in Kalimpong from motor stand to thana dara which is the busiest place in the whole of Kalimpong.

The problem which I had to face and others might be facing as well is that, once you are dropped there, You are stranded.

I had one huge luggage and four small bags along with my family. I asked the nearby vans which were parked there to drop us below haat bazar, but they refused to go, saying that it is in the other direction and they had to follow the one-way rule and will consume more time. So finally after some time, I had to take help of a coolie to drop us there.

My question is why would you fix such a place for passenger drop point where you don’t have transportation facility.

The traffic police and the D. M don’t face this problem but we – the common people have to face it daily.

So my suggestion to the administrator who planned this that the dropping point should be the place where you have vehicle facility to drop to your destination. Not in front of the thana dara.

Please correct it as soon as possible.

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