CONGRATS: Lieutenant Suraj Limbu

CONGRATS: An officer and a gentleman

In another proud moment for all of us, Suraj Limbu, a resident if Lamagaon Busty, Bijanbari, was commisioned as a Lieutenant on 9th June 2018.

TheDC sat for a small interview with Suraj Limbu.

Ama: Tilarani Limbu
Baba: Sukaram Limbu

TheDC: Tell us something about yourself.

Lt. Suraj: I belong to a small village Lamagaon Busty near Bijanbari. I completed my primary schooling at Lamagaon Primary School, then went in to complete my High School from Kaijalia High School and Agam Singh Giri Memorial High School. Then I went to RKSP School in Darjeeling for my Higher Secondary.

TheDC: How did you get into Army?

Lt. Suraj: I enrolled at Darjeeling Government College after Completing my School and was continuing as a Chemistry Honours Student when I got selected in the army in 2011 as a Rifleman in 19 JAK Rifles. I always knew it wasn’t the end and that I wanted to do something more. I started preparing for SSB and cleared the exam in April 2014. After that, I joined ACC (Indian Military Academy) and graduated on 9th June 2018 as Lieutenant.

TheDC: What inspired you to get into Defense?

Lt. Suraj: From my very childhood I wanted to become an Army Officer but I had no idea about how to get there. Belonging to a very small village, we had no exposure to such opportunities. When I joined RKSP, I came to know about NDA (National Defense Academy) tests, but it was too late for me to prepare. So I just continued my studies with a science background.

I remember my relatives in army mentioning that a Rifleman in Army could become an officer after clearing a set if exams and correspondingly the SSB. So I made up my mind to get myself recruited as a Jawan. And then, everything else is just a story.

One of the proudest moments, when one’s parents get to pin the stars.

TheDC: How do you feel as a young Army Officer?

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Lt. Suraj: As a young Lieutenant, I feel proud. But I also realise that I have more responsibilities on me now. I want to do my best to make my village and the entire Gorkha Community proud.

TheDC: Tell us about your experience as a Rifleman.

Lt. Suraj: As a Rifleman, I learnt moral values, ethics and basic etiquette of military life. Hardship is always there. As you know, not everyone can become a Fauzi.

TheDC: What would be your message for all our readers?

Lt. Suraj: For youngsters, I would say that they should utilise their time. They should ambitions, set a target and work hard to achieve it. They should never forget their basics.

For elders, I would say that they should set good examples for the society so that youngsters can have something to look upon and learn from.

A proud family together – Jai Hind

We congratulate Lieutenant Suraj and wish him luck for his career ahead. We hope our youngsters will learn from him – that nothing is impossible if you set your heart to it, and work towards it diligently and sincerely.

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  1. The moment of being in seventh heaven ?Heartiest congratulations ?

  2. You have made the entire gorkha community proud.. My heartiest congratulations ahead..

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