Darjeeling Municipality

Darjeeling Burning!

The Dumping Chute is burning in Darjeeling and there has been some amount of talk about it, not as much as I expected but also a bit more than the previous years.

Drinking Water Problem in Darjeeling: A Review

After re-elected for the second consecutive term, Prime Minister Narendra Modi power in the centre, the first ‘Maan ki Baat’ radio broadcast aired on June 7, where, in his address, the Prime Minister conveyed the message to the nation that every part of the nation must pay more attention to the current water crisis and water conservation options.

Clean Tiger Hill Darjeeling – Can we all do our part?

It’s a great beginning and adds to the good practices of door to door collection and going vat free. A long term road map for waste management is key with a basket of options including green livelihoods and continual people’s engagement will help in making Darjeeling swachh