The Nurses Perspective: We Feel, Much More than You will Ever Know

Nurses Darjeeling District HospitalDarjeeling District Hospital

From the Nurses perspective to become a Nurse and practice nursing is not an easy job, it needs a woman with compassion, love, understanding, dedication and patience to become one.

But no one knows what is there in our destiny!! Because we are Human being and not God.

When we suffer from sickness and pain, we first remember God who is unseen, yet on whom we have immense faith. Closely following God in terms of our faith is the Doctor, whom we trust to cure us, and then we trust the hospital where we take our patient and then the Nurses.

Nurses are those people who have always helped the people in pain, have always given dedication to all the patients from all walks of life, be they poor or rich, be they Hindu or Buddhists, Jains or Christians, be they suffering from any disease, be they be admitted for any reason, we never discriminate… we have always done our best to help the person in need, and provide solace and support to the families, always…

It is ok if people don’t appreciate what we do day in and day out 24X7, for it’s our duty, but to accuse all the nurses and paint all of us as the ‘villain’ was very demeaning.

Where ever you go, be it a Bank, a Post office, a Telephone exchange or any such Govt offices, you will find that the staff there are much ruder than us Nurses, but you won’t see many people complain about them.

Darjeeling District Hospital

At the hospital, we understand that people are bound to be more upset as its a place of life and death… so we try to be as patient as possible, we try to understand their anger and explain to them the reasons. Being Nurses we too understand how the patient and their family are going through fear and uncertainty, so we are always there to help them and relieve them… every once in a while, like a normal human being, even the nurses may behave rudely, but to label the entire nursing staff as being uncaring, rude etc. is very humiliating to majority of us, who have dedicated our lives for the welfare of the people.

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Despite the fact that we have some of the worst hospital infrastructure in the country, mismanagement of available resources that are of epic proportions, we all the Hospital Doctors, Nurses and other staff are trying to give our best.

But every once in awhile unfortunate, unpredictable incidents happen and our entire society rushes to blame the Nurses and express their anger in such a way that speaks volumes about their own character and behaviour.

Perhaps its time for all the people of Darjeeling to know that only the Nurses are the one who is running the Hospital smoothly and without any complaint

Punctuality, care, help and healing is always there within Nurses, but before pointing fingers at the Nurses all the people should see how the hospital is being run and how the nurses are managing despite all the impediments.

It hurts us when only the Nurses are labelled as the culprit.

Instead, all the people of Darjeeling should arise and seek their rights, search for the facilities which were supposed to have been in place a long time ago, but are still not there. Time has come for people to ask questions of the management and politicians, as to why Darjeeling District Hospital and all other hospitals in the hills are short of staff, short of equipment, short of life-saving drugs, short of proper infrastructure?

It will be better for all Darjeeling people if we raise our voices together. So please RISE it’s for all who have kept on posting about the Nurses… instead of finding the easiest person to blame, question the system or lack of it that’s in place…

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We are also people with feelings the same as you, we live in the same town, and we have a heart too… We feel, much more than you will ever know.

Writes: Ms Reeta Rai, She is a Staff Nurse at the Darjeeling District Hospital, and she has written this post on behalf of the entire nursing staff at the hospital.

TheDC editorial note: Indeed at times of intense pressure, we all tend to paint everyone with the same brush, however not all fingers are the same… similarly we refuse to believe that all the nursing staff at the hospital are rude… As Ms Reeta said, we all need to work together to make our town a better place, and our health care system much more responsible.

We THANK all the nurses and doctors and other health care staff for the tremendous service they provide, at the same time we request them to talk to us and inform us about the shortcomings in the hospital management and how those can be addressed.

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