TheDC Story Series – “हाम्रा कथाहरु” Episode 6: अन्तिम पत्र

TheDC Story Series हाम्रा कथाहरु Episode 6

TheDC Story Series “हाम्रा कथाहरु” Episode 6 – As we had informed earlier, we have tied up with RJ Samir – Samir Gideon Ghimire, to bring to you 12 Nepali stories – 1 story a month, in the audio-pictorial format under our series हाम्रा कथाहरु. We are doing this to make our Nepali literature more popular among younger generations, and also among those who may never have read a Nepali story before.

This month, we are sharing a story “अन्तिम पत्र ” by RJ Samir

Instead of just focusing on previously published stories, we have decided to accept stories from our readers. The best story every month will be given a voice over by RJ Samir and we will turn it into an audio-visual format.

If you have it in you to write a story in Nepali, please do send us your entries.

You can write-in comments below or inbox us a message. Or You can email us the same at: or

You can reach out to RJ Samir via WhatsApp or Call at: 891834 3658

We THANK our contributors

  • Direction – Nawami Gurung
  • Sketch – Ananya De
  • Editing – Nawami Gurung
  • Writer / Narration – R.J Samir

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