Ashish Syangbo Slated for Discovery Show

Ashish - A fitness buff, a defense aspirant and a rock star #TypicalDarjeelingLad

Darjeeling lad Ashish Syangbo is all set to participate in the first of its kind reality show in India on Discovery TV. India’s Citizen Squad is a show which has picked up around 12 fittest young citizen, both mentally and physically, through rigorous selection procedure comprising of several tasks and challenges, and plans to put them under military training guided by ex military trainers.

TheDC sat for a short interview with Ashish Syangbo. Here is what he had to say.

Name: Ashish Syangbo
Aama: Sabnam Tamang
Appa: Mahendra Tamang

Education: Studied at Vidya Vikash Academy and Mount Hermon School in Darjeeling.
Completed BE in Construction/Civil Engineering from Jadavpur University in Kolkata.

TheDC:Tell us something about yourself.

Ashish: I am one of the many normal youngsters in India. I am a fitness enthusiast and a defense aspirant, currently working as a junior engineer with WBSEDL and I am currently posted at Rammam Hydel Project.

Ashish currently works as a Junior Engineer at WBEDCL

TheDC: Tell us about the show you are participating in. How did you get to know about it?

Ashish: India’s citizen squad is a show where they are taking 10- 12 fittest young citizen who are set to undergo quality military like training from ex-military trainers… Its different from other reality shows as it does not comprise of drama. It aims to make you mentally and physically strong.

I follow instagram and fb page of Discovery India. I saw the ad there, and thus I got to know.

The selection procedure was quite challenging. First I had to make a video of 20 squats, 20 pushups and 20 abs crunches in 60 secs, which I could complete in 54 secs. It was then followed by online test and Interview, clearing which I was called to Delhi for final interview. Total 30 contestants were shortlisted from all over India, from which only 12 were selected. The final test had 5 outdoor tasks and interview by 5 panelists. I was fortunate to get selected.

Ashish – the fitness buff

TheDC: Since you seem to be a fitness enthusiast, what motivated and inspired you to into fitness and thereby into the show?

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Ashish: As I already mentioned, I am a defense aspirant . Its necessary for defense aspirants to physically as well as mentally fit. And I wanted to be a part of this show because it can give me the first hand experience of military training by experts from military.

TheDC: How supportive are your parents about your passion in fitness?

Ashish: They have been very supportive, not just with my passion for fitness, but in everything I do. I am very lucky to have them.

TheDC: A normal small town boy, engineer by profession, getting such huge national exposure and stage in fitness … what does it mean to you?

Ashish: Its really an honour for me to be a part of this show… And this is an opportunity for me where I am going to give best out of me. Belonging to a small town has its own advantages and drawbacks. It was initially very difficult to gather the confidence to look upto a national level Reality show, but then I eventually did.

Well, I am bit nervous, but I am more excited for it 🙂

TheDC: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ashish: Hmm I see myself as fit person and an ideal citizen of the Nation.

TheDC: Last but not the least, your message to the youngsters, the society and the people.

Ashish: I would like to tell all the youngsters that we live in a country where more than half of the population are youths… Today our Nation is a developing nation but its now in our hands to take it from Developing to Developed Nation 🙂

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I want to tell youths to stay out of evils like drugs and get into fitness life which will help us to live a healthy n happy life .

Health is Wealth

Humfit Toh India Fit.

We wish Ashish all the luck and pray for his outstanding performance in this show… we are all very proud of you brother.

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