“Chaiwala to Rafelwala – Modi Transforms After Election” – says Mamata

Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee scoffed at PM Modi’s Mainaguri speech. Calling out his empty promises to tea garden workers she said, “During the election, he (PM) becomes ‘Chaiwalla’ after the election he becomes ‘Rafale walla’.”

Accusing Modi of taking credit for setting up the Circuit Bench of Calcutta High Court without doing any work, she added, “I feel ashamed to talk about this person (PM). Nobody from Calcutta HC was present. All infrastructure was paid for by us. The land is ours, the circuit bench is of HC, but nobody from them was there. It means the bride-bridegroom wasn’t there but the band party was there.”

Pointing out the government officials who have quit under Modi, she said, “From RBI to CBI, why is everybody saying bye-bye to him (PM)?”
Visibly annoyed at Modi accusing her of not knowing North Bengal well in his speech, Mamata said “He (PM) doesn’t know India. He reached here only after Godhra and other conflicts. He is a master of Rafale. He is a master of demonetisation… He is a master of corruption. He is a matter of arrogance.”
Refusing to be intimidated by Modi, Mamata added, “If you take ‘panga’ with us, I will become ‘changa‘.”

When asked ‘you said Modi babu is lying…’ Mamata said “I did not call him Modi babu, I called him Mad-dy babu.”

Reacting to Modi labelling  Mahagathbandhan as Mahamilawat, she said “He is afraid because we are working together. I was never scared, I have always fought my way out. I have always respected ‘Ma-Maati-Maanush’. It is a misfortune that he has become the PM because of the power of money.”

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