COVID VACCINE: All Your Questions Answered

COVID Vaccine

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India have addressed all queries concerning COVID vaccine and vaccination.

Q – What is the vaccine roll-out date?

AThe Government of India is geared to launch a vaccine for COVID19 on the 16th of January 2021. For more information and updates, visit

QIs it mandatory to take the vaccine?

A – COVID Vaccination is voluntary. However, it is advisable to receive the complete schedule of the vaccine for protecting yourself and others.

QIs the COVID19 vaccine safe?

A – Yes, COVID19 vaccines are safe to be administered. COVID Vaccination begins today, and is being introduced in the country only after getting a clearance from the National Regulator based on its safety and efficacy.

QIs it necessary for a COVID recovered person to take the vaccine?

A – Yes, it is advisable to receive a complete schedule of COVID Vaccination irrespective of history of infection with COVID19. This will help in developing a strong immune response against the disease.

Q – How are one or more vaccines chosen for administration out of the multiple vaccines available?

A – The safety and efficacy data from clinical trials of vaccine candidates are examined by our country’s drug regulator before granting the licenses.

Q – Are the vaccines introduced in India as effective as the ones introduced in other countries?

A – Yes, the vaccines introduced in India are as effective as other countries. Various phases of vaccine trials are undertaken to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Q – If one is taking medicines for illnesses like Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension etc, can s/he take the COVID-19 vaccine?

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A – Yes. Persons with one or more of these comorbid conditions are considered a high risk category. They need to get COVID-19 vaccination.

QWhat are the possible side-effects of COVID19 vaccine?

A – Mild fever and pain are common side-effects that are possible in some after getting vaccinated. States have been asked to make arrangements as one of the measures towards safe vaccine delivery among the masses.

QWill the COVID19 vaccine be given to everyone simultaneously?

A– The Government of India has selected healthcare and frontline workers to be vaccinated on priority as they are at higher risk.

QCan a person presently having COVID19 infection be vaccinated?

A – People with confirmed or suspected COVID infection may increase the risk of spreading the same to others at vaccination sites. Infected persons should defer vaccination for 14 days after symptoms resolution.

Q –  Is it necessary for a COVID recovered person to take the vaccine?

A – Yes, it is advisable to receive a complete schedule of COVID Vaccination irrespective of history of infection with COVID-19. This will help in developing a strong immune response against the disease.

QHow will I know if I am eligible for COVID Vaccination?

A – In the initial phase, COVID-19 vaccine will be provided to the priority group- healthcare and frontline workers. The 50 plus age group may also begin early based on vaccine availability.

Q – Does India have the capacity to store and transport the COVID vaccine at temperature of +2 to +8 degree Celsius?

A – India runs one of the largest immunization programme in the world. The programme mechanisms are being geared up to effectively cater to everyone.

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QCan a person get COVID vaccine without registration with the Health Department?

A – No, registration of the beneficiary is mandatory for COVID Vaccination. Only after registration the information on the session site to visit and time will be shared with the beneficiary.

Q – What documents are required for registration of eligible beneficiaries?

A – Any of the identity proof with photo mentioned in the attached picture may be produced at the time of registration.

COVID Registration

Q – Will a Photo ID be required at the time of registration?

A – The Photo ID produced at the time of registration must be produced and verified at the time of vaccination.

Q – f a person is not able to produce Photo ID at the session site, whether s/he be vaccinated or not?

A – Photo ID is a must for both registration and verification of beneficiary at session site to ensure that the intended person is vaccinated.

QHow will the beneficiary receive information about the due date of COVID Vaccination?

A – Following online registration, beneficiaries will receive SMS on their registered mobile number on the due date, place and time of vaccination.

QWill vaccinated person receive information on the status of their COVID Vaccination after completion?

A – Yes. On getting a due dose of COVID19 vaccine, the beneficiaries will receive SMS and a QR code-based certificate on their registered mobile number.

QAny preventive measures that need to be followed at the COVID Vaccination site?

A – Rest at the site for at least 1/2 hour after taking the COVID19 vaccine. Follow COVID Appropriate Behaviors: wearing a mask, sanitize your hands & maintain 6 ft. physical distance.

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Q – Which app should you download to register for Covid19 vaccinations?

A – NONE at the moment. Registration for Covid19 vaccination is not open to general public yet, including for those above 50. WAIT. Beware of fake apps.

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