Darjeeling Delhi Police: When we Carry our Home in our Heart

Darjeeling Delhi Police - A strong bondDarjeeling Delhi Police - A strong bond

Darjeeling Delhi Police: When we Carry our Home in our Heart

Twenty-four years ago some young people decided to take a long journey. From the Darjeeling hills to the capital city of India, this journey was not that serene but it was obviously worthwhile. New place, new people, a new language, new surrounding everything extensively new and different from their homeland. It must not have been that easy for them to get along in a new place without their loved ones but with their eyes brimming with dreams, they moved ahead. Those dreams of big and better future filled them with contentment and adherence.

Today they have become our role models.

They’re triumphantly moving ahead, carrying out their duty as the head and breadwinners of their families and also their duty as the watchers of law and order in the country. It’s incredible how smoothly but with full dedication they look after both families well as the country. The Delhi Police Gorkhas are always standing ahead for not only each other but for everyone.

The social work carried out by them is commendable.

Darjeeling Delhi

Every journey has ups and downs and this journey too had some good and some bitter times but with assured growth. Every Delhi Police Gorkhas share a very strong bond. It is this bond that brought their families together. These Police Officers regardless of their rank and seniority have always stood together and united for each other. This strong bond is not only shared among the officers but also among their families. They together far from their hometown, live like a big family in Delhi.

Being born as the daughter of a Delhi Police Gorkha, I feel extremely honoured and fortunate. I’m grateful that I am a part of this big family. It’s pretty hard for me to imagine where and what I would have been doing if my father would’ve not been a police officer. He comes from a very small village “Risheehat khasmal“. Well, most people must have heard this name for the first time. Actually same goes for my mother too who is a housewife she is from a small Tea-Estate “Marybong“. It’s all thanks to them, their hard work and optimism that I was able to pursue my higher education in a prestigious university, Delhi University which made me realise my ambitions.

Families of Darjeeling Delhi Police

I’m not the only one but all sons and daughters of Delhi Police have got this privilege that we all have big aspirations and with each passing day every one of us are moving forward towards our ambitions. We have achieved a lot in Educational, Sports and Extra-Curricular activities. The Delhi Police Gorkha committee felicitated the new generation for their excellent performances in these fields. Each of us is giving their best and moving forward step by step. All of this has become possible because of the secured future and path showed by our officer guardians they are the reason why we have bigger aspirations. The whole credit is theirs who ensured a better future for us.

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As I mentioned about the officers hard but productive journey and the brotherly bond that they shared with each other. This bond helped them feel the warmth of their hometown. This warmth is also shared among officers’ families which provide us with the strength to live with contentment in a distant place. The new generation who are born here or were brought here as toddlers we ended up making Hindi as our first language making Nepali our second language. Being raised in Delhi we are unable to have a close interaction with our culture on a regular basis but that doesn’t make us admire our culture less. Our guardians have always tried their best to teach us about our culture, the value of our culture and our roots.

Darjeeling members
Darjeeling Delhi Police Family members

While doing this we can see the love and craving in their eyes for those old times they spent in the hills. It’s similar for us too, though we have spent more years of our life in Delhi and a few years in the hills we feel more attached to our hometown. Be it the appealing weather, scenery or finger-licking cuisines everything is so fascinating for us. We too can see ourselves craving for our hometown.

The Delhi Police Gorkhas and their families we all feel closer to our home when we have celebrations and ceremonies together. Time to time organised events and ceremonies makes us feel more attached to our culture. It doesn’t matter whether we are in Delhi or our hometown, or our first language is Hindi or Nepali we all cherish our culture. Even though we are living far from our hometown each of us is connected to our roots. All together as a family are each other’s strength.

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Annual Get Together of 2020 is the event where we all gathered to greet the New Year with hopeful eyes looking for a better future. Delhi Police Gorkhas from Darjeeling and Sikkim – (2016 and 2019) batch commemorated the New Year together. The presence of recently recruited boys and girls of Sikkim made this event more special. The event was merry and emotional at the same time, the cultural performances made us feel like we were back home, on the other hand, a sudden realisation about the truth made us miss it more. The new generation got a chance to have a look and enjoy the cultural activities more closely; it bought us closer to our roots. The icing on the cake was the traditional food served by Kalimpong Express known as KPG Express in the event. RAI SAAG, GUNDRUK KO ACHAAR, TITIRI KO ACCHAR (TAMARIND PICKLE), MULA KO ACHAR, DALLE ETC satisfied our craving. Who knew we could enjoy traditional Gorkha food in Delhi? Well, this was possible because the cooking staff were Gorkhas as well, who made various delicious Gorkha cuisine. Everything was simply perfect, simply home-like.

United in Delhi
Farewell to Mr. Tenzing Bhutia and Mrs. Khangdoma – You will be missed

It was a very emotional moment when a farewell programme of Mr Tenzing Bhutia was held, when Mr Bhutia and his wife Mrs Khangdoma delivered their last speech to us, as Bhtuia took volunteer retirement on 31.12.2019 after serving successful 22 years in Delhi Police and soon they are going back home. Usually, when we are about to go back home we feel like we are over the moon, it’s that great sort of news for us but this time this news made us all teary-eyed as the Bhutia family are going back home leaving behind their whole big Delhi Police Gorkha for forever. There was a mixed feeling and it’s normal when we leave one family behind to meet the other. Overall the whole event was a perfect event filled with lots of emotions and happiness all together at one spot and time. I’m grateful that I not only witnessed each and every moment of the whole event but I was able to become a part of this event. I’m thankful to everyone who made this event possible, all those parents who encouraged their kids to be a part of this event. An event like this made me feel homelike and I believe not only me but each and every one of us felt the very same.

Darjeeling Police - United

Special thanks to the host of the day Mr Khus Narayan Pradhan and Mr Sanjay Pradhan who made this event more entertaining with their light jokes and poems.

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Organizers who are the backbone of this event they also required a special thanks and appreciation for making this event more successful. We hope in future also they are going to give their best an organize such events.

[Writes: Kajol Lama]

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  1. Hastaman Baraily | January 25, 2020 at 11:30 AM | Reply

    Great job done by our members and thanks to all.
    We will remain united for ever as we are today and orgainise these kind of function in future also .
    Special thanks to Kajol Lama for writting this column and expressing her views .
    Once again thanks to all of u.

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