All Assam Gorkha Students Union Delegation in Darjeeling – “Time to Push for Gorkhaland Statehood” – Prem Tamang

A high-level delegation of AAGSU led by President Prem Tamang and newly elected members of Gorkha Sammelan is currently visiting Darjeeling. Yesterday, they met with GJM and GTA Chief Bimal Gurung and other GJM leaders.

Speaking to the Press, Mr Tamang said, “we will always be there in support of the Gorkhaland statehood demand as it is linked with the identity of all the Gorkhas living across India… and we assured Mr Bimal Gurung of our commitment towards the Gorkhaland cause.”

Mr Tamang informed the press that “other than Gorkhaland issue, we also discussed on the pending ST status for the Gorkha .”

Speaking on the formation of Kalimpong district Mr. Tamang said, “it is a welcome move that a new district with Gorkha majority has been formed… however, we request our Gorkha brethren in Kalimpong to realize that the formation of a new district should not be allowed to be used to dilute the long pending aspirations of Gorkhas – Gorkhaland. At the local level everyone should do whatever politics suites them, however when it comes to national level, we should all unite in our demand for Gorkhaland… there are around 30 Lakh Gorkhas in Assam, and whenever the agitation for Gorkhaland starts in Darjeeling-Kalimpong region, we will also extend our support, as the state of Gorkhaland is not just for the Gorkhas of these hills, but for all the Gorkhas across India.”

He added, “time has come for all of us Gorkhas to push for Gorkhaland statehood… the next agitation should be held in Kolkata, this way the people and politicians of Bengal need to be forced to rethink on the separate statehood issue.”

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  1. “Forge unity to fight against “Divide and Rule elements” should be the motto to realize Gorkhaland cause.

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