Assistant Teachers Appointment – Who Do We Blame?

Teachers Appointment

Recently, the West Bengal Central School Service Commission released the interview and the final vacancy list related to the 1st SLST [AT] 2016 for the requirement to the post of Assistant Teachers Appointment at Upper Primary Level of schools [Expect work and Physical Education].

Glad to know that the total number of vacancies [excluding 10 % reserved for Para Teachers] were 14,339 but the main concern in this regard is that out of these numbers, a very negligible number is shared by our Nepali medium schools. The total number of vacancies calculated was only 36 [For different subjects] i.e., only 0.25 % out of the total. It is also to be noted that these vacancies lie in those Nepali medium schools from Siliguri, Bagdogra, Terai, and Dooars and “not in the hills”.

Moreover, I am not writing this because I couldn’t make it out on the merit list but it is more than that. I want to put this in front of our people especially our administrators and also the educated youths from the hills. To be honest, I really don’t have an idea on when, why, and how was the School Service Commission once functioning in Darjeeling hills went out of our hands? That is another chapter from the story but I am pretty sure that our administrators have a right to appoint group C and D servants according to GTA Act.

Dummies Guide to GTA Teachers Appointment Controversy
File Pic: Volunteer teachers demanding permanent appointment in 2015

Not to put blame on them for now at least – GTA had for the first time conducted the Regional TET [Teacher’s Eligibility Test] for the recruitment of Primary Teachers [Classes I-V] in the month of February 2021, the result for which is still pending. Now, when I think about all this things-it is really disheartening also knowing the fact that despite being eligible, capable, possessing abilities and skills in varied fields, our youth are still unemployed or underemployed. Till when do we have to sail on a voyage like this which leads to nowhere but frustrations?


In the history of appointments in West Bengal, the recruitment of school teachers [all 4 main divisions] has passed through a “tortoise walk”. Still, when the time comes by, thousands of “other-language category folks” from our state lands up in their dream job. But what about us? Aren’t we the citizens of this state? Don’t we deserve to work here?

Moreover, the previous Primary Teachers Appointment [Class I-V] on the basis of TET Exam 2014 don’t have many accounts in this article. But to brief about it, there were more than 40k vacancies out of which half of it have already fulfilled.

To sum it up, I would like to take this opportunity to pray before our leaders that “something serious has to be done” in this regard. Please bring up the lost glory of the past so that we could live peacefully and develop.

Writes: Kunal Dewan

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  1. Bishal thapa | June 25, 2021 at 7:14 PM | Reply

    Nowadays this rubbish politics have taken over everything. Specially it’s an undeniable sad fact that there are a huge number of voluntary and permanent teachers in the schools under GTA who even doesn’t have idea about what to teach. Forget about how to teach. Whoever runs after the politics are given appointment as the teachers. But I have a question with all such type of teachers as well as the responsible department and politicians- Are you all aware that the children belonging to poorest background studies in such schools. Do you think they deserve such kind of education?? Is this the way we are developing our society? There are a large number of families who cannot send their children for good higher education. Forget about good. Higher educations because the parents are exhausted and spends all their savings during the time of the basic school education of their children. Whom to be blamed? Because of this dirty politics the private schools are growing everyday which in fact sucks in huge money every year. By the way GTA TET is just a fund raiser for the election. Forget about the results because I myself being the examinee know the truth.

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