‘Baimaan Pahadbasira’ – Who’s Your Daddy Now?

baimaan pahadbasiraSour Grapes: lol at you TMC

Yesterday, when I read the news about TMC Mouthpiece Khabar 365 Din labelling the hill peole “Baimaan Pahadbasira”, I laughed my butts off. Literally, I could hear the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of TMC and their proxies being shattered into a million pieces, and every piece crying out loud… “Baimaan Pahadbasira“.

Baimaan Pahadbasira
TMC Mouthpiece calls Hill People “Baimaan Pahadbasira” after losing elections

“Baimaan Pahadbasira”?? Yes! we are, but ‘lol’ to you

Yes we are Baimaan, we are Baimaan to those who have been Baimaan to us, and proudly so.

You thought your 10 Crore, 20 crore doles to a handful of sold out brokers of Development Board was going to shatter our Gorkha unity? You thought your giving repeated assurances of development was going to win you votes? You thought your pandering to a handful to money hungry idiots was going to win you public sympathy? Did you really assume, the hill people are dumb enough to accept your fake claims of development, when we can see all of Bengal crumbling, and literally turning into a giant economic mess?

Did you think, you can toruture us into submission and claim peace? Did you assume, you can threaten and cajole us and bully us into accepting you as our masters – and claim Pahar Hasche?


You don’t really know Us Gorkhas, do you??

We don’t take to bullies kindly.

We are a loyal bunch, but our loyalty stymies from our emotions and respect, money doesn’t buy our loyalty.

I am laughing at your stupid advisors, who may have thought, handing out a few thousand crores is going to win you our support.

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I lol at your face.

Lets talk money for a second. You write you gave 5500 Crore rupees in the past 8 years to all the Development Boards + GTA combined.

That comes down to roughly 687.5 crores per year.

Was it your money? or was it left over as a bequest to you by your grand uncle, that you are claiming “hill people took 5500 crores from Mamata?” Was it her money?

The Darjeeling District alone contributes 12-13% of Bengal’s revenue annually. That amounts to 12000-13500 crores every year. From our region, into your pockets.

What happens to the rest 11312.5 thousand crores per year, which translates to at least 90,500 crores you have siphoned off in the past 8 years from our district???

Don’t think for a moment, we are dependent on your pittance. We are the only resource rich and revenue surplus region in West Bengal, you are surviving on our money, not us on you.

So save your outrage and your racism to yourself. Get this message loud and clear – THE HILL PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR SALE.

As for your votes, the following video shows, what we did you you lot.

Baimaan Pahadbasira

It must suck to be you lot, for despite your money, threats, abuses, use of proxies to divide our votes, and every other trick in your book – WE THE GORKHAS ARE UNITED AND WILL REMAIN UNITED.

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Upendra M Pradhan
Upendra is a political analyst based in Darjeeling. He writes columns for national dailies and is the Editor-at-Large here at The Darjeeling Chronicle

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  1. Jyoti Thapa | May 27, 2019 at 8:41 AM | Reply

    Suitable rebuttal to a Bengal gone nuts with their losses

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