Global Epidemic Coronavirus: A Contemplation

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It is a well-known fact that coronavirus is now affecting homes across the country. Thousands and millions of young people of our hills and lowlands are being held captive in various states of the country for employment. At this time, they are living in a lack of money to pay rent and raise food. Factories, hotels and restaurants are closed due to the lockdown. Their current condition is very pathetic.

The Central and State Governments have now started the process of returning the migrant citizens to their villages. This is a matter of joy for all. They should be able to return home in such a time of calamity. That is the responsibility of the government.

Now, the number of people returning to their hometowns from across the country is gradually increasing. On the one hand, the family is happy that their family is returning home, while on the other hand, the fact that they may be infected with the coronavirus has made the villagers in a state worry and have starting panicking.

Various departments are jointly campaigning against Corona with the Gorkhaland Regional Administration. But is the campaign they are running 100 per cent effective? Is the health check-up of the visitors at home now giving accurate details? Are the rules and regulations of the government fully complied with within the quarantine centre? Is there a proper arrangement for those returning home from across the country? Does keeping your family members in the centre make the family feel safe? This has also become a big question mark in everyone’s mind right now.

Because the disease spread by infection does not even tell its stranger. It spreads. Even though it is bitter, we must all accept its truth. We love our loved ones. But love did not make him, his family, and his village infected. This does not mean that we only love our village. We love our village as much as we do. More than that, our brothers and sisters who return home from across the country have a lot of love. Let them enjoy spending time with their families by following the health check-up process.

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Although the Gorkhaland Regional Administration has set up quarantine centres at various locations in Kalimpong and Darjeeling districts other places, many of our brothers and sisters are returning home. Whose number is in the millions. So the quarantine centres we have now do not have enough space. Those coming from across the country are also invited to stay in the home quarantine now. Now the question is, would the decision to have a home quarantine without going to a quarantine centre be right? We have been sitting in the home quarantine since the beginning of the lockdown. To stay away from infection.

But in the current situation, it does not seem to be 100 per cent appropriate to keep those who return home under home quarantine. A process of health check-up is underway in Simulbari for those entering the hills. From there, they are also being instructed to stay in the home quarantine. The testing report will come as soon as possible and they have been instructed by GTA to stay in home quarantine? Because in some countries it has been confirmed that corona is infected without symptoms. For example, the health of the infected people found in Siliguri was not checked. They may not have been sent for home quarantine without a health check. But what was the result? That is well known.

Quarantine centres have been set up in the villages. The people of the village should be kept there. Not to other places. To the villagers outside, to the outsiders in the village. That did not happen. Everyone’s complaint is the same.

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Even the world’s leading scientists have not yet been able to develop a cure for the coronavirus. Research on this is still going on. When will the final result come? She is still in the womb. In such a situation, we have no choice but a social distance. If we do not assimilate this, we will be defeated in the battle of Corona. We will bring everyone to the brink of death because of our own small mistake.

Considering the current situation, we have heard and seen the village societies of different regions appealing to the visitors to be vigilant and the family side to help. But we have also heard and seen that the families of the visitors have not cooperated. This is a very sad subject for our village.

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There are many complaints that the law has not been enforced on the rich in some places and the law has been imposed only on the poor. It is important to note that the coronavirus has never been described as rich or poor. The vivid examples of which are the developed countries like USA, France, Italy, England, Germany, Brazil, Europe etc. Our country lags far behind in the field of health. Given such shortcomings, it is no exaggeration to say that the country has been forced to declare a fourth lockdown.

The outbreak of this epidemic has not been seen anywhere so far. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

In particular, we have seen more educated people than [not all] uneducated people follow and follow the laws guided by the government. They are very worried about it, they are aware. Don’t be fooled by the proverbial saying of our elders: We are also conscious. Let’s make others aware too. Corona arrived in Siliguri without saying a word. How long will it take to climb the mountain from the plain? Let everyone think from the heart at once.


In any case, at present, we are seeing various departments working day and night in collaboration with the Gorkhaland Regional Administration against the coronavirus. For this, we have to express our gratitude to Mr Anit Thapa, Chairman, Gorkhaland Regional Administration and other departmental officers, staff and various organizations and social workers.

I am not a member of any political party. Also, I don’t write for anyone. But praising those who do the good I remember my religion. In the present situation, it is better to stand on the same platform and work for hand in hand, putting aside party, caste and religion, rather than pointing out mistakes in the work done by others. Because like the rich and the poor, the infection of coronavirus does not separate the party, caste, religion.

The questions posed above are not just mine. These are public questions. For the conscious class, for the regional administration, for the proletarian society built in the villages.

Let’s maintain social distance. Not social boycott.

Writes: Nimesh Subba Sikaru

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