Politics in Darjeeling Hills – Race to the Bottom

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I came to Darjeeling for my college 10 years back and one of my dear friends who was staying in Darjeeling for many years gives me a tip on the first day that was “you cannot predict and trust the weather in Darjeeling it is unpredictable ” anytime it can be rainy, sunny, cold, windy and so on”. It was very hard for me to understand until I went to Lebong to watch the Gold cup match on a very sunny day and ended up seeing fog most of the time, and the players and football only occasionally.

As I began to stay there for many years, gradually I came to realize that the environment really has a strong impact on people’s life – many things are unpredictable and not trustworthy here. When I was shortlisting the things that cannot be trusted, HILL POLITICS and POLITICIANS emerged as number one, after weather.

Weather is natural, we have no control over it, but POLITICS AND LEADERS – we definitely have control over them and they are accountable to the people they claim to lead all the time.

I was born after the famous 86 ko Andolan – 1986 agitation for Gorkhaland and I did not know the first-hand story behind it, but I read in the books, newspapers, and heard from many leaders and grandpa, uncles, aunties, one thing repeatedly – “HILLS POLITICS IS TRULY UNPREDICTABLE AND WE CANNOT SAY ANYTHING WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT”.

The leaders have always shifted from the agenda they come up with, their beginning and end are unrelated. “VANCHA NI, GHAR MA PURAUCHU VANERA LAGEKO, BAJIYA LE TA BAAN MA PO PURAECHA” something like this.

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Over decades our leaders have Constantly DECEIVED US, PLAYED WITH OUR MANDATE, and the NEGLECTED US. On top of this, they were always SOLD OUR DEMAND and COMPROMISED for their own luxury and promotions. 

Here’s my request, if you have eyes to see you can see, if you have a little knowledge God has given you, you can sense it – if you are educated, you better know the leaders you are following for the sake of building our future generations, I am referring to the Youths who are out there in social media reading this post.  No one takes your future too seriously if you do not take it seriously yourself.

What lies ahead of us, Is it Only CONFUSION???


86, 87, 88, 89, ………….. 2021.. A long time has passed since the time of adarniya Gorkha leaders Dambar Singh Gurung, Subhash Ghishing… Till today’s generation leaders… Still, we are asking the same question   “Who will lead the Gorkhas and lead till we reach the destination”?  

People’s aspiration since that time was Gorkhaland, Is Gorkhaland and Will be Gorkhaland… the people are clear… only the Leaders are confused about their priorities. Sometimes their Demands are DGHC, sometimes GTA 1. 2. PPS. .. etc. So on.

Leaders without vision never can leads us till destination, because leaders are the one “Who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”… Sadly in Darjeeling, no political party has a road map and blueprint for Gorkhaland so far. No political party or leaders in the public domain have been able to inform us, that this is our road map… Only sensational and emotional drama during elections and enjoy their luxurious life after… The drama that looks like they are really leading us to Gorkhaland, but sadly not so in reality.

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Is there any political party or leaders who can make it clear to us that this is their ROAD MAP TO GORKHALAND… ANYONE???????????

People perish where there is no vision, and leader without vision are not a leader they are mere puppets, they are good for nothing. They are confusion creators.

Everyone knows, what is diverting Gorkhaland’s mission, vision, and purpose. It can be summarized in two simple words “M O N E Y and P O W E R”

Our politicians are only running after MONEY and POWER, it was before, now, and will be in the future too because there is no vision and commitment.  Money is the root cause of all EVIL and it gives POWER and politicians with absolutely NO VISION will misuse it.

There is no place for good leaders in Hills politics, only rascals, Gunda, garbage-minded, dirty politicians become our leaders at the end.

Hopefully, our Generation will definitely bring about change “IF NOT TODAY, THEN WHEN???????  IF NOT TODAY IT WILL NEVER BE…


Writes: Paul Chamling Rai

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