Dr. Samar Sinha – Author of the new book “Indian Sign Language: An Analysis of its Grammar”

TheDC team takes pride in Gorkhas who have managed to carve a niche for themselves. Our sons and daughters have always excelled in many fields, and a field that we have always been proud of is academics. One such name that stands out in the field of academics is Dr. Samar Sinha. A well-known name in the field of academics and research, Dr. Sinha completed his schooling from Central School for Tibetans, Kalimpong and is a resident of Rangbull, Darjeeling.

The Gorkha Who is Afraid

Writes: Vivek Rai “Thettt, hattu vayo”, sighs Dhiren, while he strolls down his usual way towards home. Dhiren had a sight seeing this morning. Having…

GORKHAFIED – Sexual Harassment Victims Suck Anyway

“He is being maligned, his name is dragged down the muck, he is being vilified, being targeted, being publicly humiliated, being exposed unnecessarily, our Gorkha men don’t do such things, if they need to, they marry two, three, four, even five or twenty wives, but they don’t do this…”