The Chairman GTA Relief Fund Should Be Put to Good Use

GTA Relief Fund

The chairman GTA relief fund should be put to good use is my request to all the concerned administrative heads.

Human civilization is facing an unprecedented crisis and of course one of the most disastrous humanitarian tragedy in the history of mankind.

The outbreak of the second wave of this virus has already started upholding a catastrophic situation in our hills with rapidly increasing numbers of positive cases resulting in loss of human lives.

The local administrative body is doing its best with the necessary available resources to undermine and restrain the transmission of this fatal disease with various strategic moves which is highly appreciable.

The whole community is in the same pitch to combat this pandemic with their collective actions and efforts. Various political parties, non-governmental organizations, social workers from across the region have profoundly responded and jumped into action to render the required services to mankind in need with the best of their capabilities in this covid rampage.

At this crucial phase, the GTA Relief Fund can’t be ignored and forgotten. The fundraising campaign was a phenomenal drive under the leadership of the honorable GTA Chairman during the first wave of the pandemic. The fund as per the official record is a whopping amount of Rs – 2,10,16,036 in which the chairman himself committed to adding the equal sum of amount for the appropriate utilization to deal with this pandemic. With the additional share the Fund is supposed to be above 4.20( Four Crore twenty lakhs plus) now.

However, no official statement has been issued in this regard so far by the finance authority and not even a single penny is being used for the prime objective for which the fund was raised.

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A lack of transparency may result in distrust and if not utilized efficiently and effectively will create a sense of insecurity among the donors as they would feel their contribution is wasted and gone in vain.

The bitter truth must come out, our poor health infrastructure is a difficult question to be answered. It is so disheartening to observe shortages of infrastructure which is not hidden to us any longer.

At this crucial juncture, community-based covid shelter by our social workers and non-governmental organizations in various educational institutions private and public property is a demand of the time and a welcoming move. Moreover, it must be encouraged with the adequate support and supplies of covid shield services as per the pandemic S.O.P through GTA Relief Fund.

GTA Fund


The Chairman Relief Fund if particularly utilized in the Community based Covid Shelter with being highly reasonable at this phase for the laid down proposals:-

  1. The supplies of modern and updated personal protective gear for the volunteers and health associates engaged in the frontline without zero negligence through the GTA relief fund.
  2. The appropriate healthy nutritional diets to be ensured at the covid shelter for the patient and the volunteers engaged there.
  3. The frontline volunteers must be rewarded with monetary and social recognition perks to boost up their morale and motivation during their services in the community-based covid shelters.
  4. Supplies of Oximeter Device to monitor the pulse rate so that the proactive approach can be extended to the needy patients in the medical grounds whenever required.
  5. Supplies medical infrastructure such as oxygen concentrators so that a single life cannot be lost in absence of oxygen requirement.
  6. Transportation services to be rendered to the hill community who are desperately strangled in cities and stations.
  7. To ensure 100 percent vaccination program in tea garden the as they are considered to be the most vulnerable and deprived section of our society due to lack of proper information.
  8. To adopt a team of a vigilance committee to ensure proper utilization of the allocated fund for a timely review and regular follow-up.
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Writes: Jatan Rai

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